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Gotta Sell Some Records... [5/30/2007 12:55:00 AM]:
Been attempting to clear out the office and am having to part with a stack of 80 or so 7-inches (plus a few LPs), so I figured I'd post 'em here & see if anybody wanted 'em. I'm asking $30 or OBO for the whole lot.

The first bunch are newer and in better shape; the second bunch I got for cheap at a junk shop on Bolivar, so they're pretty ragged (still playable, though). The list's below -- email me at gaijin at spacecityrock dot com if you're interested...

Agent Orange - "V.M.Live presents Agent Orange 4/26/96, Fireside Bowl - Chicago, IL" (V.M.L.)
A.Y.A./The Rodmans - "Today Your Mind, Tomorrow The World" (Rebound)
And You Shall Know Us by the Trail of Dead - "Relative Ways"/"Homage"/"Blood Rites"/"The Blade Runner" (Interscope)
Bluetip - "Join Us"/"No.2" (Dischord)
Brainiac - "Internationale" (Touch & Go)
Chester - "Pale Words" (New Granada)
Corrections - "??? (November)" (Kill Rock Stars - 7" Singles Club)
Cub - "Pep" (Mint)
Electrolettes - "Octane Lies"/"Anxiety" (Kill Rock Stars - 7" Singles Club)
Face to Face - "No Authority" (Dr. Strange)
Fifty Seven Waltz - "Janet Margolin"/"Ensockulated" (Kill Rock Stars - 7" Singles Club)
Flying Tigers - "Flying Tigers" (K)
Gabriel, Peter - "Peter Gabriel" (Geffen)
Ghosts and Vodka - "Memento Mori" (Hefty)
Grifters, The - "Wickedthing"/"Organ Grinder" (Sub Pop)
Horace Pinker - "Song About Selling Out"/"Youth Anthem"/"Burn Tempe to the Ground" (Fat Wreck)
Jason Traeger/DRAGONANGEL dream research labs - "Love, Love and Love"/"We Can't Avoid Dying" (Kill Rock Stars - 7" Singles Club)
Laurels - "Heater"/"Mother" (spinART)
Lee, Ben - "Pop Queen" (Grand Royal/Fellaheen)
Less Than Jake - "G-Man Training Target" (What Else?)
Less Than Jake - "Pesto" (Too Many)
Less Than Jake - "Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria" (No Idea) [#261/2000; comes in pizza box]
Less Than Jake/Against All Authority - "Out of the Crowd/"Hungry Like the Wolf"/"Hard As ####"/"Centerfold" (Far Out)
Mocket - "Un-Man"/"What Do Babies Want (Remix)" (Kill Rock Stars - 7" Singles Club)
Pennsy's Electric - "Workhorses Songs" (Suicide Squeeze)
Pohgoh/Braid - "Goodnight, Sweetheart/"What a Wonderful Puddle" (New Granada)
Poundsign - "The Almond Many"/"Button"/"Our New Ways" (Fantastic)
Prettypony - "Keeper" (Tiger Tuff)
Radioland Hitsquad - "Autumn"/"Mechanical" (???)
Retsin - "Your Own Bar"/"Bodega"/"No Fan" (Kill Rock Stars - 7" Singles Club)
Rocket From The Crypt - "Boychucker" (Sympathy for the Record Industry) [incl. pogs]
Rocket From The Crypt - "Plays The Music Machine" (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
Rocket From The Crypt - "Star Search" (???)
Slumber Party - "??? (December)" (Kill Rock Stars - 7" Singles Club)
Stress Magnets - "Lindsay"/"Kendall Fell Asleep in the Corn" (Go Kart)
Stress Magnets - "Rum & Honey" (Kwality)
String Builder - "Lake View"/"It's Not the Worst Time I Had" (Grimsey)
Stump Tone - "Circles"/"Jeremy Bentham's Boots" (Two Ohm Hop)
Supergroup - "It's Not Like That Anymore"/"Telepathic Cathy" (Cosmic) [Mark Sandman of Morphine]
The Get Up Kids - "A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts"/"Off the Wagon" (Contrast)
Travis - "All I Want To Do Is Rock"/"20" (Independiente/Epic)
V/A - "Blues Crusade"/"Double Moon Stomp (Emanuel's Rumble)" (Eclipse Comics) ["soundtrack" to comic book]
V/A - "Drunk's Not Dead!" (Murder & Mayhem) [The Louts, Die Strohs Acke, The Bad Preachers, & Boot Militia]
V/A - "Hydroponic Mascara, Volume One: A Various Artists Compilation" (Mr. Whiggs) [Vast Massive Satellite, Tham Nahem, Magical and the Theremins from Outerspace, Swearing at Motorists, NCK]

Angels, The - "Wow Wow Wee"/"Snowflakes and Teardrops" (Smash)
Bell, William - "You're Such A Sweet Thang"/"Everybody Loves A Winner" (Stax)
Bill Black's Combo - "Do It - Rat Now"/"Little Jasper" (Hi)
Brooklyn Bridge - "Your Kite, My Kite"/"Worst That Could Happen" (Buddha)
Brown, Bobbe - "Midnight Symphony"/"Smiling Blue Eyes" (Brown Hat)
Carver, Johnny - "Tonight Someone's Falling in Love"/"Frank and Don, Howard, Too, Broadway Joe and You and Me" (ABC)
Classics IV, featuring Dennis Yost - "24 Hours of Loneliness"/"Stormy" (Imperial)
Classics IV, featuring Dennis Yost - "Mary, Mary Row Your Boat"/"Traces" (Imperial)
Cliff Nobles & Co. - "Judge Baby I'm Back"/"Horse Fever" (Phil-L.A. of Soul)
Dick Hyman Trio - "Gimme A Little Kiss (Will Ya, Huh?)"/"John and Mary Sittin' in a Tree" (MGM)
Douglas, Norma - "Be It Resolved"/"Joe He Gone" (RKO Unique)
Fairchild, Barbara - "Kid Stuff"/"Make No Mistakes" (Columbia)
Fantastic Johnny C, The - "Cool Broadway"/"Hitch It to the Horse" (Phil-L.A. of Soul) Fox, Inez - "Jaybirds"/"Mockingbird" (Symbol)
Gray, Claude - "Effects Your Leaving Had On Me"/"I Never Had the One I Wanted" (Decca)
Gray, Dobie - "My Baby" (both sides)" (Charger)
Hamilton, George IV - "The Farmers Song"/"Second Cup of Coffee" (RCA)
Harris, Eddie - "Really"/"Live Right Now" (Atlantic)
Holmes, Leroy, and His Orchestra & Chorus - "For a Few Dollars More"/"The Man With No Name" (United Artists)
Jalopy Five, The/The Roamers - "I Like It Like That"/"I Want Candy" (Hit)
Kendricks, Eddie - "Can't Help What I Am"/"Boogie Brown" (Tamla)
Kim, Andy - "How'd We Ever Get This Way?"/"Are You Ever Coming Home" (Steed)
London Philharmonic Orchestra, The - "First Suite of Waltzes, Op. 59 (Strauss)" (London)
Long, Shorty - "Here Comes The Judge"/"Sing What You Want" (Soul)
McDonald, Skeets - "I'd Hate to Be Him"/"Chin Up - Chest Out" (Columbia)
Mickey & The Invaders - "Love Is A Wonderful Thing"/"You'll Never Know" (Yardbird)
Mouth & Macneal - "Land of Milk and Honey"/"How Do You Do?" (Phillips)
New Salvation Singers, The - "The Path That Leads to Trouble"/"Good Times" (Tower)
New Seekers, The - "Time Limit"/"Pinball Wizard"/"See Me, Feel Me" (MGM/Verve)
O'Keefe, Danny - "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues"/"The Valentine Pieces" (Signpost)
Phillips, John - "Mississippi"/"April Anne" (Dunhill)
Roe, Tommy - "Money Is My Pay"/"Heather Honey" (ABC)
Serratt, Kenny - "Goodbyes Come Hard For Me"/"The Man Who Picked The Wildwood Flower" (MGM)
Smith, Connie - "If It Ain't Love (Let's Leave It Alone)"/"Living Without You (Is Too Much To Live With)" (RCA)
Staton, Candi - "It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad)"/"Something's Burning" (Fame)
Thomas, B.J. - "Bring Back the Time"/"I Don't Have a Mind of My Own" (Scepter)
Thomas, Timmy - "Why Can't We Live Together"/"Funky Me" (Glades)
Troggs, The - "Gonna Make You"/"I Can't Help Myself" (ATCO)

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