[UPDATED!] Giveaway/Upcoming Show Time: The Manichean Releases New Album LOVERS, This Saturday (and You Could Be There!)

Yeah, where’re still a few days away from it, but I didn’t want to miss out on mentioning it amidst all the Thanksgiving madness… This coming Saturday, November 24th, awesomely dramatic, utterly intense art-rockers {The Manichean}

Giveaway Time: The Tontons Head West, Tomorrow Night, and You Could Be There to See It

There’s a small, select handful of bands in this city that honestly can do no freaking wrong in my eyes; literally everything they do somehow turns out to be awesome, in spite of all of the pitfalls of making music in this town. And {The Tontons} are up close to the top of that pile…

The Manichean Head Out West

Damn…I am so far behind on the ever-growing pile of local music-related happenings I keep meaning to post about that it’s not even funny. sigh. I got word on this one tonight, so I figured I’d post…

The Manichean Release “Sakura” This Saturday

Yep, those talented, quirky, dramatic folks in baroque-ish indie-rock band {The Manichean} are at it again. Specifically, this time around, it’s frontman Cory Sinclair and guitarist Justice Tirapelli-Jamail who are the culprits…

H-Town Mixtape

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