The Manichean Release “Sakura” This Saturday

UPDATE: Sorry, y’all — I got the day of the week wrong when I first published the post; the 30th is a Saturday, not a Friday. Fixed now, apologies for any confusion…

Yep, those talented, quirky, dramatic folks in baroque-ish indie-rock band The Manichean are at it again. Specifically, this time around, it’s frontman Cory Sinclair and guitarist Justice Tirapelli-Jamail who are the culprits — while still continuing to work on their highly-anticipated full-length, Lovers (which is due out sometime in the next few months, hopefully), the pair have stepped sideways to craft a special little “prelude” to the album, something called Sakura.

I have yet to hear it, unfortunately, so all I’ve really got to go on is what Sinclair & Tirapelli-Jamail have said about it, namely that it’s just by the two of ’em, that it touches on the overall themese of Lovers, and that “It is a reflection of how far Justice and Cory can meander with just a few instruments and more than a few surprises.” What does that sound like? No idea, but it should be interesting, at the very least — so far everything I’ve heard by these folks has been intriguing and cool, honestly, so the bar’s set pretty high.

For those wanting to see/hear what the hell they’re talking about, hey, you’ve got your chance this coming Saturday, April 30th, over at the Avant Garden (who are billing the show as “acoustic,” which may make it extra-special interesting; I’ve only seen/heard the band amplified & electric, myself). The Manichean will be throwing a CD release party for Sakura and playing lots of new stuff for the occasion. They’ve also brought along ME WITH THE GAMEBOY (aka Will Schorre) and somebody I’ve never heard of called Portal Walker for the fun.

Details, details: $5 for adults, $8 for kids (er, under-21s), which includes a copy of the new EP. The thing starts at 8PM. Mark calendars for the week, people.

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    […] reason… There’s the show up at Avant Garden for the release of The Manichean‘s new “teaser” CD, as well as a party at Rudz for the release of Get Split, the new full-length by old-school punks […]

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