Join the Pussy Riot Today, Outside the Russian Consulate on 610

Saw this a few days ago and wanted to mention it at least briefly, since it’s happening, well, today, Thursday, August 9th, literally right next door from where I work, at the Russian Consulate

Locked Up in MoCo: SCR Contributor Aaron Brown Speaks About Being Arrested While at Ted Cruz Rally

Okay, so this doesn’t happen real often… A little over a week ago, on Saturday, July 28th, we got word that Aaron Brown, one of our SCR writers and our de facto political blogger, had been arrested

Stop Censorship, Keep the Internet Open: Fight the “Stop Online Piracy Act,” Right Now

Okay, so I’m about to say five words I never, ever expected to be saying, and believe me, it’s gonna burn: “I agree with Justin Biever.” No, seriously, I do. Not about everything, obviously, but about one thing in particular, the so-called “Stop Online Piracy Act”

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Art Institute + Fitz Birthday + Sunrise and Ammunition + Bike to Party + Venomous Maximus + More

Yes, yes — it’s now the weekend, and there’s a lot going on. Things’ll get crazier as the weekend goes on, but even tonight, Friday, September 23rd, is pretty damn nuts. First off (and coming up pretty quick), those crazy art-punks in the aptly-named {Art Institute}

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Holy Fiction (Reviewed!) + Sara Van Buskirk + Squishees + Rivers + Eric Dick + More

Got to make this somewhat quick, but I didn’t want to miss out on mentioning at least a few of the awesome shows going on this evening (Friday, July 29th, to be specific)… Top of the pile for me, at least, is the show over at Warehouse Live

Radical H-Town History, By Bike

I have no doubt that this won’t appeal to some, but I still think it looks pretty damn cool. U of H’s Students for a Democratic Society is doing a Radical History Bike Tour this coming Sunday, April 4th, starting at the Cougar Den at UH University Center at 12:30PM, that’ll take riders on a […]

Late Notice: Honduran Hospital Benefit, Right Now

Yeah, I know it’s late, sorry; I got the email last night & didn’t get a chance to slap the info up here right now. The show, which was set up by Room 101‘s Roburt Reynolds, is a benefit for a hospital in the impoverished/ coup-stricken country of Honduras, run by a guy named Dr. […]

Help Out Sedition Books, Hear Good (and Strange) Music

Yep, I’m a fan of H-town’s very own anarchist bookstore (the only one I’ve heard of, anyway), Sedition Books (901 Richmond) — I certainly wouldn’t call myself an anarchist, but I think it’s crucial to have some kind of a clearinghouse like this in our city, to provide access to information most Houstonians aren’t going […]

The Skyline Rides Again, Albeit On A Very Different Horse

Um. What the…? Okay, so I happened to be looking through my Google Reader pile today, and I’m scrolling along through all the posts on various things related to H-town, music, or both, and — whoa, hold on, is that The freaking Skyline Network, posting again? And yes, yes, it is. Apparently ADR has decided […]

Achachay! Rocks (Er, Funks?) So You Can Drink

Okay, so I’ve gotten word that a band I don’t know much about called Achachay! is playing Super Happy Fun Land this coming Monday, May 25th. Which wouldn’t elicit more than a shrug from me, normally (folks, you have no idea how many damn press releases I/we get in a day; it’s a little insane), […]

Playing Kickball With the Anarchists (This Saturday)

Damn, that sounds like a Chumbawumba song… (And for the uninitiated, no, the band didn’t begin & end with that asinine “I get knocked down / and I get up again” football-lad singalong.) Local “infoshop” Sedition Books is a welcome anomaly in our Metropolis of Greed and Conformity — they’re an out-and-out anarchist collective, lending […]

Dear Dubya: No, I’m Not Going to Forget

Yeah, it’s already begun to happen to me, too — secure in the knowledge that Obama’s headed for the House of Whiteness (I can’t help but think of the classic George Clinton track, “Paint the White House Black,” whenever I think about it), I’ve started to feel sorry for ol’ Dubya. He looks more and […]

Prop. 8: The Musical — Why Can’t Jack Black Be This Funny All the Time?

Yes, Jack Black irks me. I like some of his movies, admittedly, but a lot of the time his shtick wears thin fast. So when he showed up and was hysterically funny in the awesome, awesome Prop. 8: The Musical on, I nearly spit out my morning coffee. Seriously, it’s pretty great. Oh, and […]

Obama to The Workers: "Absolutely Right"

While I definitely do like our new President-to-Be quite a bit and am over the freakin’ moon that he won, I’ll admit to being a little nervous about what he’ll actually do once in office — based on his Senate record, I have a feeling he’s a lot more business-friendly than some of his grassroots […]

A Little Celebratory Music

Meant to put this up sooner, but as it always is with life, things intervene. Time will tell if it’s the reality (I’ve got pretty high hopes), but right now, a week after, I’m still feeling like celebrating the fact that a smart, practical, rational guy who looks a heck of a lot like America […]

Travel Nerd Time, with Rick Steves

Decidedly non-music-related, but this guy’s my dad’s personal hero, right up there with John Wayne. Travel guru, TV star, author, & all-round strange guy Rick Steves will be speaking this coming Friday, November 14th, at the University of Houston Cullen Performance Hall. I’m not entirely sure what the heck he’ll be talking about, but he’s […]

Harris Goes Blue

Holy crap. I knew it was a big deal that Harris Co., in which a large chunk of Houston happens to be located, went for Obama yesterday, but I didn’t realize ’til looking it up just now on Dave Leip’s Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections that it’s the first time since Lyndon Johnson ran for […]

Obama Wins: Holy Fucking Shit

Please, God, please let it be real. Seriously. I went to bed in 2000 thinking Al Gore would be President and woke up with Bush. It better freakin’ not happen again. And y’know what? I don’t care that he can’t — or won’t — fix everything that’s wrong with this country. I’m just happy to […]

Go Vote, Tomorrow. Really.

I don’t care who you vote for — okay, that’s not strictly true, but I’m not gonna go through that here — but you seriously need to vote. This is a big, big one, folks, even for redder-than-red Texas. With the right to vote comes the responsibility to actual do it; historically speaking, people who […]

Sarah Palin’s Alaska = Model Socialist State. Seriously.

This one seems so damn obvious I’m a bit irked at myself for not twigging to it before somebody had to tell me. (Big thank-you to Marshall at life is a thrill for pointing this out, btw…) Yes, Sarah Palin, the much-loathed (and rightfully so, to my mind, for making being ignorant and closed-minded popular […]

Here I Thought I’d Never Agree with Christopher Hitchens on Anything Ever Again…

…but lo and behold, I find myself nodding in agreement to his Slate pieces not once but twice. Which is somewhat weird, considering the right-turn the guy took six years back, prior to the run-up to the invasion of Iraq; I would’ve sworn then that he was a goner, a convert to the Far Right […]

It Just Gets Worse and Worse

Jesus, this is getting insane. Every time I think the McCain/Palin campaign and its supporters couldn’t possibly do or say something more insane, mind-melting, or scary, somebody fucking rises to the occasion. If it’s not a right-wing loon stuck in the ’50s comparing Obama to Jim Jones, Mao, & Hitler, it’s a whackjob (from College […]

Hank Williams, Jr.: Bard for a New (er, Old) Age?

I’ve been meaning to do a big ol’ rundown of all the cool things other media-ey people here in town have been doing lately, but I know that’s gonna take me a while, and dammit, I just can’t let this one fall through the cracks. The best thing I’ve read lately, locally or otherwise, is […]

Chris Bell Tonight @ The Continental Club

Nope, not that Chris Bell, this one. Tonight (Tues., October 22nd) up at ever-excellent The Continental Club, longtime Houston music scene fixture Jesse Dayton will be playing at a benefit for Chris’s Texas Senate run, and it sounds like a good time. Chris Bell is good people, one of the few local Houston politicos whom […]

Welcome to the New McCarthyism

This is really beginning to get old, not to mention scary. I know the “lib’ruls hate America!” meme is nothing new, but it sure feels like the Republican Party has been dragging it out into the spotlight lately. Now they’re talking about Congress and the media investigating “liberal” Americans and politicians, conservatives being the “real” […]

Palin’s Creepy Associates

Okay, I’ve mostly kept mum on the whole Sarah Palin thing, partly because I haven’t felt like anything needed saying that somebody wasn’t already saying in the news and partly because the sheer volume of insane crap that comes out about her makes my head spin. Now that she’s decided to come out and attack […]

Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Truly Are the Funniest, Smartest Men Alive

Way, way, way smarter than me, anyway. Not only was I impressed that Jon Stewart was willing to go head-on with the GOP last night on The Daily Show (in front of Peggy Noonan, no less), but he and fellow news-satirist Stephen Colbert made me laugh so hard I wept while reading the joint interview […]

Arr, Pirates!

Holy freaking crap. Didn’t I see this in a movie somewhere? It’s horrifying, to be sure, and I feel for the Ukrainian crew of the ship, but damn, it’s somewhat mind-blowing that this shit actually happens. In the Real World, and not just on television or the big screen. Where’s Steven Seagal when you need […]

Words from The West Wing

The fictional, damn-I-wish-Martin-Sheen-really-had-been-President one, that is, offering sage, world-weary advice to the guy who’ll hopefully run the real thing some day soon. Maureen Dowd & Aaron Sorkin, you both rule.

Political Geekery, Neatly Mapped

I’ve been somewhat out of the political realm the past few years, after diving head-on into it back in 2001 or so; when my daughter came into my life, I simultaneously realized I needed to quit worrying about this shit quite so much and that I really, truly enjoy the music side of things more […]

I Drink Your Milkshake!

Okay, not exactly; that’s just what pops into my sugar-addled brain every time the topic of oil comes up (my daughter now thinks it’s hysterically funny to say, btw, particularly w/a silly accent). I’m getting a bit irked about all the pro-drilling stupidity going on, and, well, Daniel Day-Lewis’s insane-yet-still-kinda-right declaration seems appropriate to the […]

Narcoterrorism in the Austin Scene?

Nope, it’s not here in H-town, but it’s still damn ridiculous. I’ve been a fan of Austin rockers The Boxing Lesson for a few years now, since their 2005 EP, so the news out of Austin about the band left me stunned. Apparently Boxing Lesson drummer Jake Mitchell got busted for growing pot and has […]

I Heart Chris Bell (& Off the Kuff)

I’ve sung the guy’s praises before, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that I’m happy as heck to see Chris Bell once again running for office. He was my Rep. for a very short time before being redistricted down to the Texas/Mexico border by Tom DeLay and his state legislature cronies as […]

Yes, Right-Wing Whackos Now Apparently Hate Robots, Cartoons, and/or the Earth

From ThinkProgress (via life is a thrill; yo, Marshall!), yes, it seems that now pretty much anything can make right-wing nutjob demagogues quiver with outrage, including a movie about a cartoon robot. Who, um, works on cleaning up a polluted planet. And is looking for love. Did I mention this is a cartoon, and not […]

A Very Cool Film, Tonight @ Avant Garden

Quick note, ’cause I’ve got to run home to feed kittens & eat pizza (why do I hear Rowdy Roddy Piper in my head right now? weird…). There’s what sounds like a very cool documentary playing tonight @ 7PM at Avant Garden, called BRAD: One More Night at the Barricades — it’s about Brad Will, […]

Jericho & New Orleans

Fuck. I’ve been steaming about this for a couple of weeks now, but I just can’t get over it — I’m still mad as hell that Jericho got cancelled for the second damn time, this time permanently. Beyond the fact that the CBS rocket scientists, in their infinite wisdom, put the show in a weird-ass […]

Tomorrow: Kids Day @ Bayou City Farmers Market

I’ve always thought of myself as being relatively environmentally-aware, but man, having a kid puts that whole thing into overdrive, believe it. These days I find myself become maniacal about checking labels, avoiding super-processed crap, and feeding as much organic food as possible to the curly-haired, Gogol Bordello-/Hannah Montana-loving midget who lives in my house. […]

Wal-Mart, How ‘Bout Y’all Go Fuck Yourselves?

I cannot put into words just how much this angers and offends me, as a consumer and a human being. This is what happens when the almighty dollar trumps decency and common sense. Haven’t the poor woman and her family suffered enough? I can’t think of a worse hell imaginable than what she goes through […]

Hightower in H-town

I’ve got a general distrust of members of the punditocracy, be they from the right or the left — I loathe the likes of Ann Coulter & Rush Limbaugh, but at the same time I’m not wholly sold on folks like Arianna Huffington or James Carville. Anybody who makes their living pontificating about their personal […]


Wow…this is getting a little weird. I mean, I definitely get why people like Barack Obama, believe me, but the past couple of weeks have been downright surreal, at least by Houston standards. Tonight, just as we were putting the munchkin to bed, I got my third visit/call from the Obama campaign crew, this time […]

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