Love From The Heart: A Pair of Poems by Christian Kidd

As previously mentioned, a few years ago SCR contacted Christian Kidd, frontman for The Hates and all-round Houston scene hero, about his recent memoir…

The City Has Become Too Safe: Remembering The Axiom in Verse

Recently, while waiting around at Fitzgerald’s for sound check before the Axiom reunion, I had an unearthly feeling. As I wandered around the old club, I felt like a ghost and I could see the shadows of crowds and bands who I had seen there before. I saw familiar, unforgotten faces, old friends…

Houston Fringe Festival, Going On Now

sigh. I’d meant to post about the damn thing before it got underway, but, as with these things, that didn’t happen… So, instead, here we are, and the FrenetiCore group’s Houston Fringe Festival is under way…

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