Love From The Heart: A Pair of Poems by Christian Kidd

[Editor’s Note/Intro: As previously mentioned, a few years ago SCR contacted Christian Kidd, frontman for The Hates and all-round Houston scene hero, about his recent memoir, Just a Houston Punk.

While we were setting up the interview, Submissions Editor Creg Lovett got to talking with Kidd and found out that not only did the guy write prose, but he wrote poetry, too. Creg pitched Kidd the idea of publishing some of his poetry on the site, so he sent SCR a pair of his pieces to post. Sadly, when Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Hart dropped the ball on the interview, the poems got dropped, too, something that’s been lurking in the back of both Creg and Jeremy’s minds these past several years.

Below are the two poems Christian sent us, unedited and just as we received them; hopefully they’ll give a glimpse of Christian Kidd that most punk fans might not be aware of.

Also, if you don’t already know, Kidd was recently diagnosed with cancer and needs our help — you can check out one of the events for David Garrick‘s cool-ass Houston Benefit Week: Benefitting Christian Kidd, or you can just go and straight-up donate to his GoFundMe, Not Kidding-Cancer’s a Punk. Or, hell, do both.

Tonight’s benefit show, by the way, is up at The Secret Group, with cool people Black Kite, Tee Vee, Kyle Hubbard, and Guilla, among others. Tomorrow’s show is a more “rock” affair over at Rockefellers, with Ruiners, Frog Hair, Since Always, Funeral Horse, plus a bunch more, and Sunday’s will be at Big Star Bar with the ever-awesome B L A C K I E and MOTHS.]


Love From The Heart: A Pair of Poems by Christian Kidd

Love is Eternal

My love for you is a constant
The outside world nonetheless
Had harbored in me a notion
Someday true love I’d address
In the midst of all this hunger
I’d bid a fond farewell
Ultimately assuming the mantle
Moi Amour Nouvelle
I’d encountered throughout
Replacing in my heart
By you most acclaimed
Had yet to diminish
I transformed when I looked
My relentless dream now finished

You’re my very own dream come true
Your beauty held me spellbound to
Your presence idyllic
For what you was entrusted
Could it get any better than this
My all time quintessential bliss
I think back to the night and instantly recall
Being astounding by the most perfect woman befall
To something nearly intangible
I seemed to be the audience
Swaying in your sphere
A golden vision aside
Nowhere more so that
Visually every step
My eyes on you couldn’t leave you alone
Had me always staring as though you could simply hypnotize me into following your will
I’m exclusively devoted to catering to your taste
With a discernible personality all of your own
An abundant love of all things drove me
Your place in life was a glimpse of heaven on earth
All of it set us for the journey into the stratosphere
I’d fallen hook line and sinker for one positively aglow
You set the tone for something beautiful and dear

It seemed to me that even the world of of the conventional wasn’t ready for my big idea
Fortunately my long shot paid off
You endorsed wholeheartedly
I think we can, “We did it!”
The years have proven more successful in more ways than I ever imagined
Attracted to you won all kinds of experiences
It’s even found our way to others
Who’ve said they love us because we’ve changed their life for the better
Every time one life is changed
One person gets a little better
Lives around that person changes
In some small way the world changes
And for me it has always been about that
One life, one experience at a time
My goal has only deepened when you shared unconditionally your heart with mine

Of all this ardor for you running through my mind
Your beauty is in fact a timeless find
The rest of my hours I go one endlessly
Spending the rest of my life your attraction admiring
My love for you had intensified
Over a hundred miles away
Any trek could defy
Those long journeys across rivers or the dead of night
Every quality about you heaven made right
Years earlier my schoolboy days had been ingrained by reading
Fabled romance that ranged far and wide
Being in in motion under your influence now opened
I harbored these feelings
Possessively present throughout my young life
An in curable wide eyed romantic craving a soulmate
A loving relationship now to share in this beating heart ignite


Your expressions immediately stopped me
It told my heart you approved
The silent scrutiny softened
Love arrived for me and you
I managed to come through unscathed
I honestly believed at the time
I was leading the charmed life
Nothing really bad could befall me
Now I’d fallen head over heals in love
When your beauty invaded these shores
My infatuation for you is still going strong almost decade more
I just can’t get enough of your quaintness
The vividness just one of many changes me to make the call
Each day to want you more than anything

You are the dearest one
I keep in my heart
Treasure you for always
So innocent a start
I hope you can tell how happy
Since I met the love of my life
You are so very beautiful
I’m attracted to you day and night
At first I seemed astonished
I fell right off my post
Then I thought to myself
I fell in love with someone whose most
Awesome and like a starlit
How did we find each other
What did I do to discover
I was faithful and so in love
To deserve someone so special
I saved my heart for the perfect one and was blessed by heaven above

Numerous times I lined up
My fortune touched an era
I spent my time in rungs
Of many social circles
Hoping a sense of lofty heights
Humbled by comparison
Some wanted to touch a hero
Own personal celebrity
To draw a different conclusion
You attracted me overwhelming
I wound every hour
Around your charm and looks
A modern day rendering
You were out of a storybook
I hoped you’d see in my eyes
I longed for a world
When true love had finally spoken
I met the most wonderful girl

I think you’re absolutely wonderful
You’re the only one
With your amazing beauty
Something special has begun
Anyone else in this position
Could feel the advent
Enough to embrace
In time appropriate
All these elements evolving
Why our romance has lasted so long
I don’t feel close minded
Everyday it’s so strong
Like so many of my peers
In my heart sealed away
You’ll be my rising star
in love with you for years

Your vibrant eyes, pretty face framed your charm especially
By the time I’d left you’d already seduced me with each one of them
Especially noteworthy present your general demeanor a la femme
I wondered if you’d mind
If I could be your boyfriend
I hadn’t realized it at the time
I could’ve searched all this world
Never would I find another like this special girl
I quickly came to my senses
Self evidently I was committed
I can still recall my first words
I was think that I might not be worthy
Of your most prominent allure
We stared at each other coquettishly
Like X-ray vision to sizing up strangers
You looked through me in an instants
Hiding under my signature
I thought you were absolutely wonderful
I embraced the evolving oeuvre
All the elements were appropriate
My feelings I kept sealed away
A sense of lofty heights true love I was to discover


[Night Five of Houston Benefit Week: Benefitting Christian Kidd is 6/16/17 at The Secret Group, with Trillblazers, Black Kit, Guilla, Tee Vee, Kyle Hubbard, & Pitter Patter.]

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