Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Something Fierce + Rudz Anniversary + Benefit/Party for Dr. Rick + Summer Dogwash + More

Yeah, I know I’ve skipped more than a few “Pt. 3″s lately; sorry about that, but in most of those cases, it just felt like there I didn’t have much to say about even the good shows that were going on those past Sundays… Not the same deal for today, mind you…

Holy Hell Yes: Something Fierce Debuts New Song on Altpress (Then Plays Show, Then Goes On Tour)

Oh, man. Steven Garcia, frontman/guitarist of the always-always-awesome pop-punk throwback outfit {Something Fierce}, had leaked a snippet of this our way a short while back but had sworn me to secrecy about it ’til the full thing came out…

Tonight: Occult Detective Club + Something Fierce + The Busy Kids + Noguey, at Vinyl Junkie

Tuesday, March 1st, and there’s some awesome pop-punk goodness going on tonight up at Vinyl Junkie. Denton’s Occult Detective Club are the headliners, and they’re pretty damn good, I have to say, in a seriously Ramones-y vein…

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