Tonight: Occult Detective Club + Something Fierce + The Busy Kids + Noguey, at Vinyl Junkie

Tuesday, March 1st, and there’s some awesome pop-punk goodness going on tonight up at Vinyl Junkie. Denton’s Occult Detective Club are the headliners, and they’re pretty damn good, I have to say, in a seriously Ramones-y vein — they’re somehow tunefully sweet and in-your-face raw at the same time, which is no easy trick to pull off.

Obviously, though, my faves of the night have to be those crazy Something Fierce kids, who blow me away every damn time with their fiery-yet-thoughtful take on old-school, Brit-influenced pop-punk. I really, really loved their last two albums, 2008’s There Are No Answers and 2006’s Come For The Bastards, and I’m totally psyched to see/hear what’s coming up next, this year’s forthcoming full-length, Don’t Be So Cruel (review soon, I promise). SF really and truly are one of the best bands in town, no lie.

Also playing are Something Fierce bassist Niki Sevven‘s “other band,” The Busy Kids, who I seriously need to check out (and soon), and newcomers Noguey, who’re a little less tuneful than their bill-mates but still do a nicely bludgeoning, snotty, over-bassed garage-punk stomp. $5 for the whole mess.

I want to give a virtual high-five, btw, to whoever came up with the flyer — I just gave Munchkin #1 an old Gold Key issue of Uncle Scrooge I happened to find in the garage.

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