Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: mr. Gnome + David Ramirez + Sing Your Life + Weird Weeds + Great White + More

Rolling on into the weekend… It’s Friday, November 16th, kicking off a couple of days packed full of cool, cool stuff to do, so I definitely didn’t want to drop the ball on tonight’s installment. Here we go…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: the last place you look + mr. Gnome + Scratch Acid + A Sundae Drive + More

sigh. Super-duper-extra late this evening, I’m afraid; it’s been a hell of a day/week, with computer issues on multiple fronts and seemingly every second of the day/night plotted out in advance, so I’m only getting to this now, sadly…

A Life Lived in Bars: Wandering the Darkened Backroads with mr. Gnome

The Cleveland-dwelling duo of Nicole Barrile and Sam Meister, better known as mr. Gnome, are honestly one of those bands that have to be witnessed live and in-person to truly be believed. Without seeing the pair onstage, both band members pounding away on their respective instruments…

mr. Gnome, Heave Yer Skeleton

I’m betting the folks in mr. Gnome don’t really care too much for boundaries, which goes some way towards explaining the patchwork quilt that is their overall “sound,” grafting together heavy, skullcrushing metal to delicate folkiness to freakout-inducing psych-rock to bent hillbilly rock…

Tonight: mr. Gnome (Reviewed!) + Bright Men + Skatalites + Bike Films + Fired For Walking + More

Damn, damn, damn. I’m afraid that the snow dazzled and bewildered me, and so I totally forgot about all the awesome shows going on this very evening (Fri., December 4th) while out being pelted with grassy/muddy snowballs by my daughter. Argh. (Okay, and my sleep-deprived brain for some reason thought the freaking show was tomorrow […]

Tonight’s Dilemma: mr. Gnome @ Rudz / Papermoons & Bright Men @ The Mink / Dizzypilot & Murdocks @ Walter’s

Yeah, you read that title right — tonight’s another “damn, I wish I had a cloning machine…” night, with great, great things happening all over our (not-so-)fair city… Option Uno: Tops on my list is tonight at Rudyard’s, where Clevelanders mr. Gnome will be blowing the roof off, setting hair on fire, and creeping everybody […]

mr. Gnome, Deliver This Creature

It’s really, really hard for me to believe that that voice comes from where it does. One of the absolute best things about Cleveland duo mr. Gnome, comprised of guitarist/vocalist Nicole Barrile and drummer Sam Meister, is Barille’s singing; frankly, it’s incredible…

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