Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: the last place you look + mr. Gnome + Scratch Acid + A Sundae Drive + More

sigh. Super-duper-extra late this evening, I’m afraid; it’s been a hell of a day/week, with computer issues on multiple fronts and seemingly every second of the day/night plotted out in advance, so I’m only getting to this now, sadly.

If you’re not yet out and about, there’s plenty going on tonight (Fri., December 9th) that’s very cool, though, so let’s go through some of it real quick:

the last place you look/Nothing More/From Guts to Glory/Life as Lions @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
Already mentioned this one, and it’s going on right now, apparently…argh. Gotta get over there before I miss the whole damn show… It’s going to be awesome, seriously.

mr. Gnome/The Baker Family/Osirus @ Rudyard’s
And here’s Fallback #1: I’ve seen mr. Gnome twice now and been blown away both times; those Clevelanders are some strange, dark, murky, alluring people, and they’re so fucking loud they make it feel like your heart’s going to vibrate out of your chest. (In a good way, mind you.) And hey, if you feel like reading it, I was able to interview Nicole Barrile & Sam Meister before one of their shows here last year — check it out.

Scratch Acid/Black Congress @ Fitzgerald’s
Yep, tonight’s a tough choice, honestly. I seriously love Black Congress‘s belligerent, jagged-edged snarl, and I’d always wanted to catch Scratch Acid live, even though I’m not going to claim a lot of kinship to the noise-rock scene in general; Scratch Acid were long dead by the time I started to appreciate The Jesus Lizard & Big Black, and I wished I could go back & see how it started.

A Sundae Drive/Hear You Me/The Sweetsops/Super Robot Party @ Dean’s Credit Clothing
Off to the left (er, center?), there’s a neat-sounding show with some new-ish bands in town, like the excellent A Sundae Drive and Super Robot Party, who I’m told includes at least one ex-member of long-gone cool dudes MYTWILIGHTPILOT.

Holiday Fun Party 3, featuring 13 Black Coffins, Zipperneck, The Tyburn Jig, & Souls of Agony @ The White Swan
And then there’s your punk/rockabilly/etc. kick, over at The White Swan. I like The Tyburn Jig‘s strange-yet-neat melding of out-West dust, Nick Cave-esque darkness, and surfy guitars, and what I’ve heard of 13 Black Coffins so far has been pretty cool, too. Oh, and it’s free. Sweet…

Cari Quoyeser Band/Brent Nettles/AThousandColours/Handsome Ransom (EP release) @ Fitzgerald’s
Ikey Owens (mem. of The Mars Volta/Free Moral Agents)/Disfrutalo!/Inzurgo/Handsomebeast @ Last Concert Cafe
Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils/Sunward/Changoman @ The Continental Club
Arthur Yoria @ Cafe Brasil
Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles/We Were Wolves/The Wrong Ones @ Mango’s
Southern Backtones @ Time Out #1 (10928 Fuqua)
Zoe Boekbinder/Kevin Hirth/Devil Killing Moth @ Super Happy Fun Land
ESCAPE, featuring Ceeplus Bad Knives, Mr. Castillo, & Noveau Plastik @ The Fairview (315 Fairview; 9PM-2AM, free!)
DJ ADR @ Bubba’s At The Bay (Galveston)
Tomball German Christmas Market, featuring Alphenfest, Chris Rybak Band, Cool Freddie E and The Crew, Judy Dugas, Cloggers On The Move, & Das Ist Lustig @ Old Town Tomball (Tomball)

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