Tonight: Spend Your Valentine’s Day with The Manichean & Ben Godfrey

A bit late, I know — it’s been a bit of a hectic couple of days, sorry — but hey, if you don’t already have plans for your Valentine’s Day (Tues., February 14th) evening, I’d heartily recommend heading on up to La Carafe in downtown…

Musician to Musician: The Manichean

The Manichean are one of Houston’s bands on the rise. They first got onto my radar a few years ago, when I went and saw them at one of those hodgepodge showcases The Meridian was known for, and their brand of drama-rock was an instant success to me…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Balaclavas + Buxton + Mando Saenz + Weedeater + Robert Ellis + More

Hey, all — it is shaping up to be one busy, busy Friday (October 7th, to be precise). First off, though, a bit of news… In case you hadn’t heard already Adele has cancelled all of her U.S. tour dates…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Ben Godfrey + Sergio Trevino + The Antlers (MP3s!) + Destry + More

Back again, still sore from yesterday’s carpentry extravaganza; I always forget how much I loathe doing moulding ’til about a half-hour into it, when I’ve already cut the pieces incorrectly about six times. sigh

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