Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Balaclavas + Buxton + Mando Saenz + Weedeater + Robert Ellis + More

Hey, all — it is shaping up to be one busy, busy Friday (October 7th, to be precise). First off, though, a bit of news… In case you hadn’t heard already Adele has cancelled all of her U.S. tour dates, including the one set for 10/18 out in The Woodlands. Which is a damn shame, but apparently she’s had some serious health issues with regard to her voice, and if you sing for a living, well, you probably don’t want to fuck around with that.

I’ve heard a rumor that there might be a rescheduled date in the works, though, so keep an eye out for more news on this particular front.

In the meantime, though, there’s plenty of awesome stuff to do/hear/see this evening. Like, say, the sure-to-be-badass Balaclavas show tonight at Mango’s. Trust me: Balaclavas rule, especially live. They’re hypnotic and intense and paranoiac, like all the best bands in the NYC no-wave scene melded together with the rhythmic sense of The Rapture back in their less-danceable days.

They’re playing with //TENSE//, about whom I’ve heard good things, and Hospital, which I think is the new-ish solo project of Dann Miller (also of Black Congress, ex-JonBenet, etc., etc.) If memory serves, Hospital’s kind of an electronic-ish thing he’s doing, but don’t hold me to that, alright?

Oh, and this show’s the album release for Balaclavas’ brand-new album, Snake People — haven’t heard it yet, unfortunately, but you can check out a couple of tracks right here:

Up at Market Square Park this evening, there’s a cool free show happening, to boot, with another of my absolute favorite bands (from Houston or wherever), alt-country-pop guys Buxton. I’m seriously looking forward to getting a hold of their forthcoming New West debut, believe me — it’s going to be awesome.

This show’s extra-special, too, because Buxton (and ex-News on the March) member Austin Sepulvado‘s dad, Larry Sepulvado, will be playing with the band. The elder Sepulvado’s been involved in the Texas/Americana music scene for something like thirty years now, so this’ll be very cool, but get a move on now; the show just started at 7PM

The Mucky Duck has a bill tonight that includes a nice surprise, namely the return (albeit temporary) to town of Mando Saenz, who called H-town home for several years before moving off to Nashville. He’s an insanely talented country-folk songwriter, and well worth checking out.

Metalheads, Fitzgerald’s is the place for you tonight, with sludgy North Carolina stoner-metal dudes Weedeater, who’re playing with fellow stoner-metal guys Saviours, a band I’ve liked when I heard ’em in the past. There’s also Bison B.C. and Fight Amp, but I dunno much about either of ’em, sorry.

Springfield Riots frontman/Young Girls co-frontman Pete Tijerina is playing tonight up in downtown, doing a neat “Acoustic Music Social” show at La Carafe with a couple of guys I don’t know, Dimas and Sims Hardin.

Then way, way, waaaaaay out of town, at Nutty Jerry’s in Winnie, one of H-town’s current favorite (and rightly so) musical sons, Robert Ellis will be playing a pretty awesome show, opening for country legend George Jones(!). If you’re a diehard fan or live on the east side of town, it’s well worth the drive…

Full list? Here you go:

Balaclavas/TENSE/Hospital @ Mango’s
Buxton/Larry Sepulvado @ Market Square Park
Kim Richey/Mando Saenz/Dan Crump @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Acoustic Music Social, featuring Dimas, Sims Hardin, & Pete Tijerina @ La Carafe
Weedeater/Saviours/Bison B.C./Fight Amp @ Fitzgerald’s
George Jones/Josh Kelly/Robert Ellis @ Nutty Jerry’s (Winnie)
B.B. King @ House of Blues
Hudson Falcons/Roots of Exile/Titan Blood @ The White Swan
Grizzly/The Last Cigarette @ Rudyard’s
Fuel/Pale @ Stereo Live
UFO @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
Blind Pilot/Dan Mangan @ Fitzgerald’s
Matt the Electrician/Southpaw Jones @ Anderson Fair
Ghosts Along the Brazos @ Last Concert Cafe
Blind Pilot @ Cactus Music (5:30PM)
Kill The Rhythm/The Greatest View/Jon Black @ Notsuoh
Skyrocket!/Picture Book @ The Continental Club
A Bullet For Pretty Boy/The Air I Breathe/The Great Commission/Legacy/Concepts/Last Ones Left/Sands @ Cain’s Ashes (2628 FM 1960 Rd. E)
Dio Disciples/Oceans of Slumber/Owl Witch/Sanctus Bellum @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)

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