H-Town 2011: The Ultra-Massive List of Everything Released This Year (That We Know About, Anyway)

Holy wow. Seriously? With the specter of 2011 top-ten lists looming not too far off on the horizon, yours truly started putting together a quick list of all the local, H-town-based releases that saw the light of day this year, and, well, it kind of got out of hand…

I’m Dying Man : One Man’s Sweaty View of Free Press Summer Fest 2011

It’s hard not to question the decision to do anything during Houston summers, let alone hold an outdoor musical festival. 95°F-plus heat combined with oppressive humidity almost guarantees that all but the foolishly brave are fastened to the easy comforts of their living room couch…

Houston’s Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the Bayou City, by John Nova Lomax

John Nova Lomax‘s hero, the late, great Sig Byrd, wrote about Houston in a way that made the city feel downright intimate. Tiny, in fact. The city was smaller then, in the 1950s, but as he spent mornings downtown, afternoons in the then-nearer suburbs…

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