H-Town 2011: The Ultra-Massive List of Everything Released This Year (That We Know About, Anyway)

Holy wow. Seriously? With the specter of 2011 top-ten lists looming not too far off on the horizon, yours truly started putting together a quick list of all the local, H-town-based releases that saw the light of day this year, and, well, it kind of got out of hand.

Turns out there were a shitload of releases put out this year by Houston musicians/bands/etc., whether full-length albums, EPs, 7″s, split releases, or whatever else; some of ’em we’ve reviewed, and quite a lot of ’em we haven’t. Hell, some of ’em I hadn’t even heard about ’til I started looking around a bit.

And then I stumbled across the ability to sort through Bandcamp pages/releases by location and date, and holy shit, my OCD kicked in in a major way. Several late nights later, I’ve added as many releases as I could find to this list and am forcing myself to give up and back away not because I’m “done” but because I need my brain to remain functional for a little while longer, at least.

I fully expect this to be a work-in-progress, btw, and I’m sure I’ve missed several releases. If you know of anything released in 2011 that I left off here — or if I got the year wrong, and any of these were actually out in 2010 — post it in the Comments section below (with a link to any relevant site where you can listen to it, if possible), and I’ll get it added. I’m classifying pretty much anything that’s more than a single song as a “release,” even if it’s only ever been available online; my head would explode if I tried to determine which of these actually got burned onto a CD or stamped onto vinyl.

I offer no guarantees that it’s all good, mind you, but for all you completists and diehard fans of the Houston scene, what follows is the list of everything I have seen/heard, read about, found online, or heard about in passing, in quasi-alphabetical order. Here goes:

phew. There it is, y’all. I feel weirdly proud of our little big city, right now; keep it going, folks, please…

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5 Responses to “H-Town 2011: The Ultra-Massive List of Everything Released This Year (That We Know About, Anyway)”

  1. Houston Calling’s favorite Houston releases of 2011 on December 30th, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    […] landscape is as fertile and vibrant as ever. There were a lot of impressive releases this year (Space City Rock did an excellent job compiling an exhaustive list) but there’s a handful of albums that […]

  2. Justin Smitherman on January 30th, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    I didn’t even know I was on this list until bandcamp showed I got some listeners from this link, thanks so much! I have a facebook for my music it’s facebook.com/justinsmitherman if anyone is interested in checking out video demos for my full length

  3. Aaron Sotolongo on January 31st, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Not sure you buy this one? Really? So the way you decipher it, because Jobs brought up a ton of music on his Ipod he couldn’t Have, appreciate and luxuriate in a ton of vinyl? How do you think most of it managed to get onto the Ipod-and on CDs before that- in the first place! Why is there this rush to continually try to replace mediums as opposed to allowing them to coexist? Because we invented the wheel didn’t mean and we don’t ever need to walk again and should cut off our legs. Because we can fly in a airplane doesn’t suggest we don’t wish to drive places too. Hello. Neil Young understands that better than most. He embraces progress in technology mainly because it applies to recorded mediums (his Archives, natch) without eschewing the strengths superiority vinyl. Why always choose a side, look for a team, select a medium? Maybe I prefer having and using more than one option. Why people who fancy themselves so progressive can’t get that is beyond me. It’s rather a terribly short sighted attitude and it ultimately does considerably more harm than good both business wise and artistically.

  4. Rob O'Sullivan on March 21st, 2012 at 3:08 am

    What a pleasant surprise to find my band was in this list (Our Imperfect Future) — Thank you for doing the due diligence and creating this massive treasure trove of research and assemblage! I’ve already found a few new local artists to admire just clicking through some of these. Much obliged!

    As far as Our Imperfect Future goes, we’re working on album #2 (the darkest storm) and pre-orders will be commencing soon! It’s going to be an INCREDIBLE album and will release 6/28/12.

  5. SPACE CITY ROCK » WE LIKE THINGS 2011: A ridiculously-late look at what was cool last year. on April 26th, 2012 at 12:13 am

    […] again just how flat-out badass those 12 months called “2011″ happened to be. We ran a freaking massive list a little while back of alllllll the local Houston-bred releases we ran across last year (which was originally going to […]

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