Apocalypse Town, This Week

sigh. Dropped the ball yet again, I’m afraid — it’s happening so damn often I’m sorely tempted to try to come up with some kind of football-related way to describe it, except I dunno a damn thing about the state of the sport these days, so eh. This freaking month, I swear…

Tonight: Tex Kerschen Reads From New Book Tidal Economics

More good news, albeit from a different front… {Indian Jewelry} (and ex- of the beloved band Japanic) frontman Tex Kerschen will be up at DiverseWorks tonight…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: IDentity + DiverseWorks + Folk Family Revival + The Julys + Prairie Cadets + More

What is with the weekends, lately? Once again, we’re coming up on a Saturday (August 27th) where there’s literally so much going on I can’t even wrap my brain around it. Wow…

Next Saturday: Raise Some Fun(ds) with DiverseWorks (& Jana Hunter, & Wild Moccasins, etc.)

Gotta love those DiverseWorks folks — the place has brought forth some truly, truly amazing things, things you’re not likely to find/see/hear anywhere else in this city, and they do it while remaining down-to-earth…

Dead Horse Reunion Scheduled — Lead Singer Controversy Developing

Dead Horse is reuniting for a headlining show at Warehouse Live on Saturday, October 22. The news was announced as a routine Facebook post Monday afternoon. I immediately called the Warehouse Live box office to confirm…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Sour Notes + The Energy + The Manichean + IFest + Holy Fiction + May Day + More

Holy freaking crap, y’all. I’d thought last night was busy, but today (Saturday, April 30th) has turned out to be downright insane. There’s so much going on today & tonight that I’m not entirely sure where to start; I definitely can’t talk about all of it, I’m afraid…

Blackfish at DiverseWorks Saturday April 30th

The improvisational duo Blackfish comes to Houston Saturday night to play their mindbending drone in the DiverseWorks Artspace. I’ve been listening to samples of their previous improvisational compositions…

Bluefinger: Starting Tonight!

Ah, crap — I knew I was forgetting something in my intro to the weekend rundown… In case you haven’t been paying attention, writer Creg Lovett has been working his ass off to cover this weekend’s debut…

TONIGHT: Brent Green’s Live Cinema Arts Fest performance at Frenetic Theater (with Fugazi’s Brendan Canty!)

I spent last night at DiverseWorks, previewing director/artist Brent Green‘s sculpture installation and talking about Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Using Your Own Blues: SCR’s Exclusive Conversation with the Director and Stars of Diverseworks and Catastrophic Theatre’s Bluefinger: The Fall and Rise of Herman Brood

On Friday, November 12th, at Diverseworks, the Catastrophic Theatre will debut the world premier of their adaptation of Pixies singer Black Francis‘ concept album Bluefinger, titled Bluefinger: the Fall and Rise of Herman Brood


4102 Fannin Street, Suite 200 Houston, TX. 77004 (713) 223-8346 “info” at “diverseworks dot org”

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