Live: Chimaira/Impending Doom/Revocation/Carry The Storm

On Saturday, October 29th, Halloween came early this year at legendary Fitzgerald’s. For, seemingly from the bowels of hell itself, up came The Age Of Hell Tour. For the night, this included four notable bands…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Lords of the Universe + Illegal Wiretaps + Bang Bangz + Featherface + Chimaira + More

Coming into Saturday, October 29th, and it’s even more packed-tightly than Friday evening was. Plenty, plenty, plenty going on, not even counting all the haunted houses & parties & whatever…

Live: Lamb of God/Opeth/Unearth/Chimaira/A Life Once Lost

This year marked the beginning of a new summer music festival called the Sounds of the Underground Tour. The tour brought to arenas across the country heaps of underground metal bands from record labels such as RoadRunner, Century Media, Metal Blade, and Trustkill. Unfortunately, the tour didn’t come to Houston, but there were several “off-dates,” where a select group of bands from the tour played shows at small venues in nearby towns…

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