[UPDATED!] Giveaway Time: Stars at Fitz, Friday Night

Has it seriously been six months since we last had a contest-type deal? Damn. Well, I’m happy to report that it’s finally giveaway time once again, dear loyal readers of SCR (and assorted hangers-on, as well)…

Alabama Shakes, Boys & Girls

I don’t recall the first time that I heard the name Alabama Shakes. To me, it sounded like some kind of condition you would get from either living in the state of Alabama for too long or perhaps simply by drinking their water. That’s just my personal opinion…

Blind Pilot, 3 Rounds and a Sound

I really liked this one. At first, when I heard this, it reminded me of Local Natives; kinda your singer/songwriter style. I can imagine myself seeing these guys live and bopping along with all the cool kids singing along to “The Story I Heard”…

My Morning Jacket, Evil Urges

These Kentucky rockers were mislabeled as a “Southern rock” band in their early days, but their last couple of albums likely appeal to hippies more than rednecks. On the band’s latest — their first full-length since 2005’s Brit-rock tinged Z

My Morning Jacket, It Still Moves / Acoustic Citsuoca

Unfortunately, I feel like we’re kind of behind the ball on this one, and I guess in a way we are, because My Morning Jacket has blown up a bit since we got these discs. These days, you can pick up any issue of whatever “alternative” rock mag…

H-Town Mixtape

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