[UPDATED!] Giveaway Time: Stars at Fitz, Friday Night

UPDATE: And just like that, all six tickets are gone. Thanks to everybody who emailed & commented!

Has it seriously been six months since we last had a contest-type deal? Damn. Well, I’m happy to report that it’s finally giveaway time once again, dear loyal readers of SCR (and assorted hangers-on, as well).

This time it’s for Canadian super-popsters Stars, whose new album The North (out 9/4 on ATO Records) is a flat-out masterpiece of glistening, sleek-shining, relentlessly addictive melodies, bumping-yet-low-key beats, and crystalline-gorgeous vocals. I swear, it’s like antimatter to the vapid, empty, pretty pop cluttering the airwaves these days; its mere presence should by all rights make all those crap songs implode into a glitchy stutter of static, to be instantly forgotten forever.

That’s the effect The North has on me, at least. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for Amy Millan‘s heavily Kate Bush-like voice, frontman Torquil Campbell is damn near as impressive this time out, infusing his soulful vocals with a sneaky, lurking sense of desperate melancholy, and the utterly massive arrangements make the whole thing sound freaking epic.

Check out their SoundCloud page to listen to the album in its entirety, and trust me, you’ll be hooked:

Stars – The North by Stars

Happily, yep, they’ll be in town this coming Friday, October 12th, up at Fitzgerald’s, playing alongside Diamond Rings & California Wives.

And SCR has three pairs of tickets to give away, here & now, to whoever wants ’em. If you want to catch the show, do one of three things, mostly depending on where you’re seeing this:

  • Email us at “contests” at “spacecityrock dot com”, with the Subject line “Good luck bad luck survivor”.
  • Comment on this here post on our Facebook page.
  • Reply to this here tweet on our Twitter feed.

The first three people to do any of those three things wins. Easy, right? Go and get ’em, people…

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  1. SPACE CITY ROCK » Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Stars + California Wives (MP3s!) + Holder + B L A C K I E + Wheel Workers + David Ramirez + More on October 12th, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    […] Wives/Diamond Rings @ Fitzgerald’s Already blathered some about this show earlier in the week, when we gave away a handful of tickets, and if anything, it looks better now […]

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