Day for Night Rundown, Pt. 1: Kendrick Lamar + New Order + Indian Jewelry + Prismo + Dan Deacon + EFFIXX + Psychic TV + Kamil Nawratil + Work-Order

And now, here we are. After much hyping, Day for Night is finally here, bursting into life tomorrow, Saturday, December 19th, and Sunday, December 20th, over at Silver Street Studios (2000 Edwards St.). And to me, at least, said hyping looks very much justified…

Awesomeness You Can (Still) Get In On: Cameron Dezen Hammon’s New Covers Album

Man, this whole dang “time” thing, it really gets me sometimes. Late last week, I fully, completely intended to post about Cameron Dezen Hammon‘s (of both {The Rebecca West} & solo effort fame) brand-new covers album, which she’s been trying to get funded via PledgeMusic by tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15th…and then I left town with the fam and was completely offline all weekend. Sigh

The Ex-Optimists, Phantom Freight

More and more these days, I find myself admiring bravery when it comes to rock music; it’s a whole lot cooler, to me, to do something strange and different than it is to ride the same damn riffs and song structures and whatnot (well, okay, as long as the music itself works, but we’ll get to that)…

H-Town Mixtape

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