Pecos Hank, El Reno Blues

Ever met someone who was, say, in a relationship with somebody, and you knew immediately that it wasn’t going to work — that something just wasn’t quite right, didn’t quite fit the way it was supposed to? Not that either person was bad, but that they weren’t right for one another? That’s how I feel about Hank Schyma, aka Pecos Hank, tornado-chaser, musician, videographer, and all-round larger-than-life dude…

Tonight: Dollie Barnes, The Lories & Lomelda @ Ladybirds

Okay, I know it’s short notice, but I didn’t want to let this one slip past… There’s a cool little show happening tonight, Thursday, August 27th, up at a place I’ve only recently started seeing in the show listings called Ladybirds. No idea what it’s like, but I do know who’s playing, and that’s the important part…

An Ending & Two Beginnings: Pegstar Bids Farewell to Fitzgerald’s & Fitzgerald’s Gets Reborn

Ever since the news first broke about local booking maestros Pegstar opening their very own purpose-built venue, the sweet-looking White Oak Music Hall, it’s felt like it was only a matter of time before the other shoe dropped…

Almost Down to the Wire: Vote for the HPMAs Now, If You Haven’t Already

Yep, I’m waaaay late to this party, unfortunately, but not quite too late, which is always good. The ever-excellent Houston Press Music Awards are still open for voting, right up until August 12th (i.e., tomorrow), at 11:59PM (i.e., midnight). If you have not yet cast your vote — you can only do it once, sorry — well, you’re in luck…

08.08 Day Strikes Tomorrow at 8th Wonder

Hey, folks — I know it’s been quiet ’round here lately. Apologies for that; I’m attempting to get back on the writing horse, so to speak, after quite a while spent doing other necessary-for-life things involving house, children, etc. I’ll definitely be posting more stuff very soon. Let me preface this particular post, though, by saying that I’m not a beer drinker. Tried it many, many times, hoping it’d somehow click, and suddenly I’d be a fan, but I’m afraid that’s never been the case…

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