08.08 Day Strikes Tomorrow at 8th Wonder

11027520_996007090450813_1223698354088688920_nHey, folks — I know it’s been quiet ’round here lately. Apologies for that; I’m attempting to get back on the writing horse, so to speak, after quite a while spent doing other necessary-for-life things involving house, children, etc. I’ll definitely be posting more stuff very soon.

Let me preface this particular post, though, by saying that I’m not a beer drinker. Tried it many, many times, hoping it’d somehow click, and suddenly I’d be a fan, but I’m afraid that’s never been the case; I rarely drink anyway, but when I do, it’s limited to pretty much Jameson or Bailey’s.

That said, I’m fascinated by the indie/craft beer industry — weird, I know, but it’s true — and pleased as hell to see so many micro-(and not-so-micro-)breweries popping up in our fair city over the past several years. One of the coolest is 8th Wonder Brewery, located in the warehouses just southeast of George R. Brown Convention Center. I have it on very good, beer-afficionado authority that their various offerings are very cool, and they’re apparently adding/trying out new stuff all the time.

And hey, tomorrow, on Sat., August 8th, the brew-folk will be celebrating, with 08.08 Day. It’s an afternoon-to-evening party that’s focused not only on the beer side of things, but on other good stuff, like food and — naturally — some badass music.

First on the bill are longtime scenesters Potbelly, who I cringe to admit I’ve never seen/heard, but following them are the truly excellent, excellent Second Lovers, a band that’s near and dear to my heart. I finally got to catch them live recently, and they were fucking amazing, seriously. Think Son Volt with the energy of Lucero and hook-y guitars courtesy of the Jesus & Mary Chain, and you’ll be close.

Plus, earlier today the organizers just let the surprise headliner slip: they’ve got none other than Austin retro-rock dudes The Bright Light Social Hour. I’ve somehow managed to never see them live, but in recorded form, at least, they’re a hell of a lot of fun, and I suspect that’s even more true live and in-person.

The whole shebang starts off at 12PM, with music starting at 6PM (and lots of beer-y things beforehand), all at 2202 Dallas. And hey, it’s all free, which makes it extra-special hard to beat. Get on over there tomorrow, alright?

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