Hearts of Animals, Another Mutation

Time sometimes mellows a musician, and in a lot of instances, that can be a very, very bad thing. On Another Mutation, though, a little bit of mellowing and stepping backwards helps, allowing singer/multi-instrumentalist Mlee Marie’s clear, beautiful voice to shine through without some of the more experimental/noisy trappings of her early work cluttering things up. And once that happens, another thing immediately snaps into focus: she’s truly one hell of a songwriter…

The Suffers, Make Some Room

You can’t resist The Suffers; seriously, it’s impossible. Their music is just so infectious, so warm and mellow it’s like one of those rare perfect spring days when the sky’s bright and blue and cloudless, the weather’s warm but not yet hot, and all feels right with the world…

Come And Take It (The Funny, I Mean), This Weekend

Generally speaking, I’m terrible when it comes to comedy. Don’t get me wrong; I like comedy, it cracks me up. Unlike music, though, I just don’t follow it like some people do, y’know? I’ve got friends I swear know and have seen or heard every comic working professionally today; my comedic knowledge basically includes stuff I listened to in high school…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: American Sharks + The Tron Sack + Free Radicals + The Willy Collins Band + Adam Bricks + Second Lovers + White Ghost Shivers + Lera Lynn + More

As most of you hopefully know, it’s now the weekend — Friday, January 23rd, to be exact — and while I’m getting a late start tonight (as pretty much always), there’s still some excellent shows going on…

The Nightingale Room

308 Main St. Houston, TX. 77002 (832) 968-3370

Harrisburg Studio

6719 Harrisburg Houston, TX. 77011

FPSF 2015 Blind Pre-Sale Is Now Go

Alright, people — it’s officially begun. The blind pre-sale for FPSF 2015 (aka the Free Press Summer Festival) is now open, as of about 15 minutes ago, and tickets are already going insanely fast. They’re out of the first three tiers of General Admission tickets, and the cheapest tier of the Fancy Pants tickets…

Tonight: Check Out the 6th Annual Bowie Elvis Fest Over in Mid-Main

Late notice, again, I know — I’d actually meant to post a second “Yr. Weekend” deal tonight, but it turns out the Pennywise/Anti-Flag show at Fitzgerald’s tonight is already sold out, so…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Mineral + Holder + Honey & Salt + Since Always + Distant Worker + The Wiggins + More

Best intentions, y’all — I’d meant to get this up earlier, but got dragged into playing video games with The Little Guy, instead, because he wanted Daddy to play, too. Sorry for the delay, folks; there’s still time to get on out there and see what all’s going on tonight, Friday, January 9th

Tonight: Omotai, Co-Pilot, Sleep Envy, & DSGNS at Fitz

Hey, all — been awful quiet of late, I know… The holidays quite literally stopped SCR in its tracks, but fret not, because we’re slowly staggering back to life/consciousness, and our New Year’s resolution is to more fully get our (er, Jeremy’s, since it’s mostly his fault) shit back together once again…

H-Town Mixtape

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