Right Now, Go Catch Deep Cuts at Cactus (for Free!)

truckOkay, so I’m guessing not everybody who reads this little blog managed to get out last night to see Deep Cuts at their EP release show up at Fitz — heck, I definitely didn’t, myself.

If you hurry, though, you’ve got a second chance to catch ’em this weekend, starting at 3PM over at Cactus Music. They’re doing a free show this afternoon, to celebrate the release of their brand-new Love Grows EP, which yours truly reviewed very recently (like, um, yesterday). It’s a damned impressive chunk of lost-in-summer pop, one that blends together Tropicalia, samba, surf-rock, Afrobeat, and dream-pop and makes it all sound like it’s meant to go together that way.

Check out the full review over here, then get your ass up to Cactus quick, quick, quick to see ’em live. Don’t miss out, because this looks like it may be their last local appearance for a little while…

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