Awards to Vote For: Best of Houston 2014 & The 1st Annual Sammy Awards, Deadlines Coming Up Fast

thumbBefore I crash out for the night, though, I’d been wanting to post about these for a little while now, and the deadlines are coming up really quickly, so…

There’re two different sets of awards you need to go and vote for, right damn now, namely the Houston Press Best of Houston 2014 Awards and The 1st Annual Sammy Awards, sponsored by HP rival Free Press Houston.

The former, of course, is a longstanding deal, by this point, having been split off from the Houston Press Music Awards (and expanded quite a bit) several years back, but the latter’s a brand-new upstart that aims to knock the HP‘s contest off its pedestal. Personally, I’m good with either one — the more, the merrier, in my book, and I’ve cast a vote in both of ’em.

So, get over to those links above and vote for your favorite bars, bands, strip clubs, radio stations, and whatever the hell else you love in this fair city. Do it before tonight (September 19th) at midnight for the Sammy Awards or before the end of Sunday, September 21st for the HP Best of Houston Awards. Got it?

For the Sammy Awards, BTW, there’ll also be an awesome-sounding showcase next Thursday, September 25th, over at Silver Street Studios; Bun B is hosting, and cool folks like The New Mercies, Josiah Gabriel, Paul Wall, and BLSHS will be performing. Sounds good to me — buy tickets over here, alright? Go celebrate your damn city.

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