Mogwai, Rave Tapes

It was about four tracks into Scottish postrock quintet Mogwai’s most recent release, Rave Tapes, when it hits me: the mainstream has passed the band by. No, scratch that; the mainstream hasn’t zoomed past Mogwai, but rather has swallowed the band whole…

Twin Forks, Twin Forks

I’ve been seriously intrigued by Twin Forks since they released their first shot across the bow late last year in the form of a self-titled EP, hoping that the band’s full-length would live up to the EP’s substantial, grin-inducing promise. Granted, it’d be all too easy to dismiss the whole Twin Forks project as yet another bunch of indie-rockers trying to “rediscover” their country-rock roots…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Funeral Horse + Only Beast + Jealous Creatures + Feeeelin Goood Fest + sk8&Rock + Pets For Vets Benefit + Die Young + More

Alright, we’re on into Saturday, April 19th, this year’s Record Store Day, and if you couldn’t make it out today & snag some RSD-exclusive vinyl and whatnot, well, you can rest easy in the knowledge that there are a ton of cool shows going tonight, too. Here goes…

RSD 2014: Record Store Day Is Upon Us

If you follow anything relating to local music stores, you’re probably already well aware, but if you don’t and you’re not: tomorrow (Saturday, April 19th) is Record Store Day. It’s grown from its somewhat humble beginnings…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: The Wheel Workers + Glass the Sky + A Sundae Drive + Moon Honey + the last place you look + Blood on the Strand + Deleted Scenes + More

Hey, all — it’s Friday, April 18th, crawling/dragging halfway through the month, and holy crap is it a busy weekend (in a good way, mind you). First, though, a little bad news: got word earlier in the week that EDM hero Avicii has had to cancel his May 11th date here in H-town, due to having to recently undergoing gallbladder surgery. He’s okay, which is good, but…

Live: Kings of Leon/Local Natives

Last week at the Woodlands Pavilion was, for me at least, a tale of two bands. It was the best of bands, it was the worst of bands. Well, maybe that’s harsh, but I did come away from the show scratching my head…


709 Franklin Houston, TX. 77002 (713) 222-0955 “KryptoniteHouston” at “yahoo dot com”

Pearl Houston

4216 Washington Ave. Houston, TX. 77007 (832) 740-4933 “juliemabry” at “ymail dot com”

Heights Vinyl

3122 White Oak Dr. Houston, TX. 77008 (281) 974-1234 “info” at “heightsvinyl dot com”

Ashford Pub

13308 Westheimer Ste 100 Houston, TX. 77077 (281) 679-6112

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Mills-McCoin Rock ‘N Roll Circus + Helstar + Willow Waterhole Fest + Life In Color + Scout Bar Anniversary + More

It’s Saturday, April 12th, now, and there’s a ton of good stuff going on, but I’m going to have to keep it kinda brief; I’m in the car right now, heading down to Surfside with the munchkins. Here’s what you ought to try to catch today & tonight: Third Annual Mills-McCoin Rock ‘N Roll Circus, […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Race to the Moon + The Ones You Loved + Lower Life Form + Silverstein + Secrets + Frida Festival + Kool & the Gang + More

Hey, folks — it’s Friday once again, so you know what that means: perenially-late show writeups for the evening (which is April 11th, by the way). There’s a fair amount of cool stuff going on, but before we get to that, I just wanted to mention that tonight’s…

Dosey Doe Music Cafe

463 FM 1488 Conroe, TX. 77384 (936) 271-2171 “doseydoemusiccafe” at “gmail dot com”

The Brandon Contemporary Gallery

1709 Westheimer Houston, TX. 77098 713.522.0369

Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark

103 Sabine St. Houston, TX. 77007 (713) 222-5500

War’Hous Visual Studios

4715 Main St. Houston, TX. 77002 2010 Commerce St. Houston, TX. 77002 (832) 768-9515 “info” at “warhous dot com”

The Concert Pub North

2470 FM 1960 Rd. W Houston, TX. 77068 (281) 583-8111 “Theconcertpubnorth” at “yahoo dot com”

The Nance House

1503 Nance St. Houston, TX. 77002 (713) 319-6115 Booking: David Desoto/Danie Barnhill

The Alley Kat Bar & Lounge

3718 Main Houston, TX. 77002 (713) 874-0722 “thealleykat3718” at “att dot net”

The Vintage Pub

13245 Jones Rd. Houston, TX. 77070 (281) 970-1399 “vintagepubhou” at “gmail dot com”

Eastdown Warehouse

850 McKee Street Houston, TX. 77002 (713) 283-6778 “eastdownwarehouse” at “gmail dot com”

Alabama Song

2521 Oakdale Dr. Houston, TX. 77004 (713) 679-8493

Pennisons Sports Pub (Sugar Land)

2446 Settlers’ Way Blvd. Sugar Land, TX. 77479 (281) 265-4840 Live Music: Fri.

Main Street Crossing

111 W. Main St. Tomball, TX. 77375 (281) 290-0431 Fax: (281) 516-1534 “matt dot sondays” at “yahoo dot com” Booking: Lisa Schneider (“lisa” at “truetexasmusic dot com”)


1001 Austin Street Houston, TX. 77010 (832) 360-2222 “MKTBAR” at “phoeniciafoods dot com” Booking: Mark Austin (“mark at theconvoygroup dot com”)

Montrose Proper

1505 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX. 77006 (713) 878-9575 “montrosepropergallery” at “gmail dot com”

The Boom Boom Room

2518 Yale Street Houston, TX. 77008 (713) 868-3740 Open: Wed.-Sat., 5PM-2AM

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Bon Voyage Mike Sims + John Wiese + Cop Warmth + Morgan O’Kane + Lynched + BLSHS + Fair Attic + More

Argh. Completely blew it for Saturday, unfortunately — gotta spend the time with the kids while I can, y’know? — so I didn’t want to let Sunday (April 6th, if you’re keeping track) slide past, as well. Especially because there’s still plenty of good things happening; here’s what I’ve got…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Quiet Company + Without a Face + The Brunson Theater + The Suspects + Only Beast + Waxahatchee + Knights of the Fire Kingdom + More

Holy crap, y’all. It’s now Friday, April 4th, and somehow, there’s a massive number of excellent, excellent shows going on tonight. I feel bad because I’m really only able to touch on a few of ’em specifically, but I figure that’s better than nothing, right? (Right?) Anyway, here goes…

Yr. (Early) Weekend, Pt. 1: Robert Ellis + Folk Family Revival + Electric Attitude + Jody Seabody & The Whirls + Funeral Horse + More

Yep, we’re kicking things off a little early this week — it’s Thursday, April 3rd, at the moment — because damn, there’s just a lot of excellent stuff going on for a mere Thursday. Here’s what looks/sounds cool to me…

Live: Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

This is a tough review to write, because the performance left me absolutely speechless. For the unknowing, Sharon Jones spent most of 2013 fighting cancer. Therefore, I’d expected that her high-energy shows of the past would remain in the past, but this night proved me so wrong…

H-Town Mixtape

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