Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Bon Voyage Mike Sims + John Wiese + Cop Warmth + Morgan O’Kane + Lynched + BLSHS + Fair Attic + More

1655247_10202691531080984_1295155695_oArgh. Completely blew it for Saturday, unfortunately — gotta spend the time with the kids while I can, y’know? — so I didn’t want to let Sunday (April 6th, if you’re keeping track) slide past, as well. Especially because there’s still plenty of good things happening; here’s what I’ve got:

Bon Voyage Mike Sims, featuring Venomous Maximus, Bowel, Born Liars, Poor Dumb Bastards, Dead Roses, & Teresa Kolo @ Rudyard’s (4-11PM; free!)
First on the pile’s a bittersweet event, to be sure… Long-long-longtime Rudyard’s bartender Mike Sims — who you’ll recognize, even if you don’t know the guy personally, if you’ve ever spent any time at the venerable H-town institution — is leaving town, heading up to the Pacific Northwest with Teresa Kolo (herself no stranger to the Houston music scene) to start a new life & whatnot.

So naturally, the crew up at Rudz (where else?) are celebrating/mourning Mike & Teresa’s leaving town today and tonight, with a full-on barrage of loud, heavy, raw rock/metal. There’s noise-rockers Dead Roses, snarling garage-rawk dudes Born Liars, thundering, epic-sounding, doom-y metal guys Venomous Maximus, and long-running sludge-drunk-punks Bowel and Poor Dumb Bastards, plus an early set by Teresa. And hey, it’s free; go raise a beer or three in salute, alright?

1970477_761233403909647_1097482873_nJohn Wiese/Richard Ramirez/Illicit Relationship/Plumbing/A Week of Kindness/:::kai/ros @ Sound Exchange (7PM)
Dammit, dammit, dammit. Missed Part One of this deal yesterday, I’m afraid; experimental composer/musician (and sometime Sunn O))) member) John Wiese is in town since then, and his show yesterday included some of his film work, as well, which has me a bit bummed because it sounds like interesting stuff.

But hey, at least he’s still in town, right? If you want to catch some truly unique experimental noise-making, hit Sound Exchange this evening to see Wiese perform. He’ll be there with some big names here in town and beyond, as well, particularly noise icon Richard Ramirez and kai/ros, so get there early…

Cop Warmth (tape release)/Nlee (ex-Rapeworm)/Mephedrone/TV Favorites/Morgan O’Kane/Lynched @ Mango’s ($3-$5)
Well, holy crap. After a few years of seeming quiet, I’d kind of assumed Cop Warmth, once noisy, irreverent fixtures around these parts, had packed it in. Glad that’s not the case, though, especially since they’re releasing a brand-new cassette tonight, Womanizer. Expect ear-destroying squalls of noise that you still want to keep listening to anyway.

SleighBells2014_posterOh, and due to a bit of a mixup with the Mango’s folks, it appears there’ll be a couple of very, very different out-of-towners as the openers. Morgan O’Kane is a Virginian transplanted to NYC, and he plays music that’s Appalachian in heritage but sounds a lot more contemporary than old-school (and he’s an activist fighting against mountaintop removal mining, which makes me like him quite a bit). Then there’s Lynched, who are an honest-to-God folk-punk band from Dublin, Ireland, who are activists themselves and who sound pretty damn promising.

Show up early for the good-hearted folkies; stay late for the eardrum-imploding noisies. It’s like the best of both worlds…

Fair Attic/The Van Allen Belt/BLSHS/FLCON FCKER @ Taqueria La Macro ($5)
Last but not least, there’s this is-it-or-ain’t-it? show at someplace I’ve never heard of called Taqueria La Macro (which I guess is on the Main METRORail line?); I’m psyched about it because I like hazy, electronified dream-pop outfit BLSHS quite a bit so far, but dangit, they don’t say a word about it on their own Facebook page. Hrm.

Anyway, I’m going to take it on faith, then, that this is actually happening. And if so, that’s a good thing, because not only are BLSHS cool, but so is similarly-capitalized FLCON FCKER, a one-man electronic “band” of sorts who makes some truly neat, kinda-sorta damaged sounds. Headliners Fair Attic are pretty neat-sounding, too, although they’re very new to me. Check ’em out soon, eh?

Sleigh Bells/A SEA ES @ Warehouse Live
White Fang/Fungi Girls/duneTX @ Fitzgerald’s
Chromeo/Tokimonsta @ House of Blues
Pearland Crawfish Festival, featuring Tony Vega Band, Big Cletus & The Littles, Bon Ton Mickey and the Zydeco Hot Steppers, Van Wilks, Texas Johnny Boy, Eugene Moody, Come See My Dead Person, & Zach Tate @ Discovery Bay & Business Center Dr. (Pearland)

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