Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Red Fang + Daughn Gibson (MP3!) + Grandfather Child + the last place you look + Chippy Nonstop + More

Last day of the weekend, and while it’s turned into a fairly crappy one for me — a sick kid, elementary school drama, and me feeling like I’m now coming down with what the kid’s got — it definitely doesn’t have to be for you, dangit. Tonight, Sunday, November 4th, has some awesome stuff going on.

Here we go:

Red Fang/Black Tusk/Lord Dying/Indian Handicrafts @ Fitzgerald’s
*sound of head beating against keyboard*. Dammit, dammit, dammit. I so want to be at this show tonight, and yet, odds are that I won’t be able to get up to Fitzgerald’s this evening.

Which really, really sucks, because I saw Portland stoner-metal dudes Red Fang about this time last year at Fitz, and it was a truly, truly awesome show. Admittedly, most recent album Murder the Mountains (from 2011), the band’s toned down some of the boozy, who-gives-a-fuck? looseness of their self-titled debut, but it’s still pretty great. The band rocks like Mastodon had a love child with a seriously beer-fueled Mudhoney, and they’re all chilling at Josh Homme’s place out in the desert.

As for the openers, Savannah, GA., band Black Tusk are pretty dang cool themselves, doing kind of a Dax Riggs-esque “swamp-metal” thing that I’m fairly impressed by. I dunno Lord Dying at all, but Ontarioans (Ontarians?) Indian Handicrafts are neat, too, in a sludgy, Nebula-like, echoing-out-to-infinity kind of way. Put all together, this is a great lineup of heavy, heavy,

Daughn Gibson/Grandfather Child @ Walter’s
I’m catching up when it comes to Daughn Gibson, I’m afraid; I’d only heard of him relatively recently, when he signed (from out of nowhere, it seemed like) to Sub Pop, who’ll be releasing his second album sometime next year. He’s definitely interesting, with a bottom-of-a-well baritone voice, rootsy accent, and lumberjack shirts married to Dntel-like sound-collagist tendencies; imagine a redneck version of Chad van Gaalen (or a more raggedy Benjamin Wesley), and you might come close. Going to have to pay more attention to the guy, definitely.

You can check out & download “Reach Into The Fire” right here:

And hey, he’s playing with one of my absolute-favorite bands in town right now, Grandfather Child, who’ve been amazing since the word “go,” truly; their newer stuff seems to focus more on the soulful crooner side of things, which is cool, although I’m still partial to the rawer, faster side of their overall sound. It helps that they’re all jaw-droppingly good musicians, of course…watching Lucas Gorham tear it up on that pedal steel nearly makes my eyes pop out of my head. The band’s bluesy, soulful, gospel, desperate, and freaking incredible.

(Oh, and the show’s free, which makes it extra cool.)

the last place you look/Six Gun Sound/Avid Fixation @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Then there’s this little show down at The Scout Bar in the Lake o’ Clarity. Emo-ish alternarock badasses the last place you look are back from tour and are celebrating with — obviously — another show, this time as part of the Texas Buzz series of shows The Buzz puts on almost every Sunday.

The lineup’s TLPYL, League City band Six Gun Sound, who I’ve heard of but have yet to hear, and Avid Fixation, who I hadn’t heard of before today. But eh, I wouldn’t be too worried — the last place you look themselves are well worth the drive down 45 to Clear Lake, and hey, it’s free, so there’s no reason to not get there early enough to see the openers. I’ve stumbled across many, many bands I now love dearly like that, y’all; just sayin’.

Kreayshawn/Rye Rye/Honey Cocaine/Chippy Nonstop @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
Last but not least, I’ve been intrigued so far but not blown away by Kreayshawn; the songs are freakishly catchy, but I’m kind of thrown off by the psych-trash aesthetic and her flat-sounding vocals. Still, though, the more I listen, the more I like it — which, yeah, is frightening me somewhat, but hey, there it is.

Then there’s tourmate Chippy Nonstop, which I’m still not sure is a complete & total joke but is still weirdly addictive, somehow. Take a look at the video for “Money Dance,” and you’ll see what I mean:

It’s either a brilliantly self-aware critique of excess (which is what I’m leaning towards, partly because she’s from the Bay Area) or the nightmares rich folks have about what their daughters are up to when they’re at work; maybe both. Either way, it’s now stuck in my head and resists all attempts at dislodging it, dammit. Your call on that one…

Acous’Mix Re*View, featuring Kerry Melonson (Satin Hooks) @ Avant Garden
A$AP Rocky/Schoolboy Q/Danny Brown @ Bayou Music Center
Acous’Mix Re*View, featuring Tump, Trial By Bourbon, & Charity Ann @ Notsuoh

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