Holy Freaking Whatever Fest, Y’all (Coming August 9th & 10th)

Yeah, yeah; I know, I still need to get my damn writeup online about this year’s awesome FPSF (soon, I swear by all that is good and holy…), but while you’re waiting for that — as I’m sure you all are, with bated breath and everything — there’s been some badass-sounding news this week about another music festival, which will be having its inaugural run August 9th and 10th

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Red Fang + Daughn Gibson (MP3!) + Grandfather Child + the last place you look + Chippy Nonstop + More

Last day of the weekend, and while it’s turned into a fairly crappy one for me — a sick kid, elementary school drama, and me feeling like I’m now coming down with what the kid’s got — it definitely doesn’t have to be for you, dangit…

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