Tomorrow: Zine Fest Houston 2012 at SHFL!

It’s late, my ears are ringing, and I feel fried, but I didn’t want to let this slip past, because yep, it’s that time once again. Tomorrow — Saturday, October 7th — is this year’s installment of the ever-cool Zine Fest.

I was fortunate enough to be able to stop by last year’s ‘fest really, really briefly, right at the tail end, but even then it was very cool. I absolutely love that in this resolutely digital age, when people read on Kindles and iPads and smartphones and laptops and whatever the hell else, there are still people who buck the “modern” world and are bound and determined to create art and literature in printed, often hand-made form. It’s an art that I fear will eventually die out, and that’s a true tragedy.

While it’s here, though, let’s make the most of it, right? And Zine Fest 2012 is just the thing. There’ll be something like 50 different zine makers, artists, and distributors hosting booths, and each & every one will be offering awesome, unique, totally non-computerized art in some kind of printed format, on all types of subjects and in all sorts of styles.

Sadly, ZFH founder Shane Boyle will soon be bidding farewell to H-town, headed for cooler climes, but this year the festival’s been ably taken over by previous co-organizer(?) Lindsey Simard, who’s also bringing along strange/cool noise-rockers Devil Killing Moth and the intriguing-sounding Say Girl Say for musical accompaniment.

The whole thing unwinds from 3-8PM over at Super Happy Fun Land, and it is all free, free, free (although yes, you will most likely have to buy at least some of the zines you see & like). Make plans to go get all retro-literary and subversive tomorrow, eh?

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