Zine Fest Houston Ventures Into the Cyberfuture, This Afternoon (And a Long-Overdue Thank-You to Shane)

Hey, folks, just wanted everybody to be aware that today — Saturday, November 11th — is this year’s Zine Fest Houston, and it promises to be a very, very cool one. It’s nice to see that what started out as a humble gathering…

Today: Zine Fest Houston Rides Again, Bigger & Better Than Before

Okay, that’s awesome. When Zine Fest Houston organizer guy Shane Patrick Boyle left town for the wilds of Arkansas, I’d hoped that the show would go on but was a little nervous at the back of my mind…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: David Byrne & St. Vincent (MP3!) + BuzzFest 29 + Featherface + Zine Fest + Southern Backtones + More

We’re on into Saturday, October 6th, now, and there’s still a heck of a lot of cool stuff happening; here we go…

Tomorrow: Zine Fest Houston 2012 at SHFL!

It’s late, my ears are ringing, and I feel fried, but I didn’t want to let this slip past, because yep, it’s that time once again. Tomorrow — Saturday, October 7th — is this year’s installment of the ever-cool Zine Fest

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Zine Fest + Wanda Jackson + Telekinesis (MP3!) + Portugal. The Man + Skate & Rock + More

Holy crap, is there a lot going on today (Saturday, May 21st). What, didn’t y’all get the memo not to make any plans? Eh; I’ll be partying on no matter what happens, so y’know… First & foremost on my mind, naturally, is this year’s Zine Fest Houston

Zine Fest Houston 2011, This Saturday

We recently re-did the back room of our house, ripping up the ancient, ancient carpet and slapping down fake wood flooring, and in the process of doing that, I basically had to disassemble and reassemble our entire home office. Which was no mean feat…

Art + Music + Zine Party, Next Thurs.

Anybody who pays attention to the music & arts scene in this city knows how closely tied-together the worlds of visual art, music, dance, theater, writing, and everything else are in these parts. Even still, it’s cool to see an event like this one that seemingly pulls it all in at one time…

H-Town Mixtape

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