Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Canned Acoustica VI + The Literary Greats + Pale + A Sundae Drive + More

It’s honestly a little bit quiet tonight — Friday, September 14th — at least on the shows front, but what’s out there is definitely still awesome. Gotta keep it brief today, so here we go:

Canned Acoustica VI, featuring B L A C K I E, Craig Kinsey, New York City Queens, Featherface, & Second Lovers @ Warehouse Live (Green Room)
Yes, yes, yes. Oh, wait…dammit, again? I keep meaning to go to these Canned Acoustica sessions/benefits, but sadly, I’ve on Daddy duty tonight, after getting out to see Mission of Burma last night, so I’ll be missing it yet again.

Which hurts, because I really, really like the overall idea of the whole thing: watch some of Houston’s best and brightest perform all-acoustic sets, old-school MTV Unplugged-style, to raise money for the Houston Food Bank. Organizer Mark C. Austin has managed to pull together some truly amazing musicians & bands, even those you wouldn’t expect would be able to do something like this, and I freaking love that.

If you’re curious what that looks & sounds like, well, here’s Fat Tony doing “Nigga U Ain’t Fat” with Two Star Symphony as his backing band, from one of last year’s Canned Acoustica performances. *mind exploding*:

Seriously, how awesome is that? Tonight promises to be just as awesome, with misanthropic Apocalypto-rapper B L A C K I E, cool dude Craig Kinsey of The Sideshow Tramps, frantic/addictive indie-rock band New York City Queens, psych-pop swooners Featherface, and murky, downbeat roots-pop crew Second Lovers each throwing their respective hats in the ring.

Head on up to Warehouse Live tonight around 7PM with four cans of food, and boom, you’re in.

Delta Rae/The Literary Greats @ Fitzgerald’s
Ah, cool. When I stop hearing from/about somebody for a while in this town, I tend to fear the worst, and so when The Literary Greats got quiet — especially with multiple members of the band off doing things like Finnegan and Blackie Dammett, I got a little nervous.

Glad to see my fears of their demise were unfounded, because they’re a truly great, great group, one that effortlessly tosses out these sublime, Texan-but-not-redneck roots-rock songs, and one that I seriously think deserves more of a spotlight in H-town and beyond. Go check ’em out…

Super Robot Party/Pale/A Sundae Drive/Luvver Girl @ Rudyard’s
Then there’s tonight at Rudyard’s, with a grab-bag of bands that includes Super Robot Party — who I still need to hear, sorry; I’ve heard they’re great, though — dramatic rockers Pale, and neat, low-key-but-brilliant drone-pop band A Sundae Drive. Well worth checking out, I promise.

LaB 5555: Bee’s Knees, featuring The Suffers @ Houston Museum of Natural Science (5555 Hermann Park Drive; 8-11PM, 21+ only)
Killing Clover/A Spanish Disposition/Fuska/Shut Up Sidney/Deadline @ Notsuoh
Mike Stinson/Little Joe Washington @ The Continental Club
Southern Backtones @ Time Out #1
Adrian & The Sickness/The Trimms/The Bad Drugs @ Super Happy Fun Land

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