!Yes Indeed! Music Fest, Coming This Month

Wanted to get a mention in relatively early on this one (although not earlier than the Houston Press it would seem), because it sounds like it’s going to be damn good.

A recent addition to the many, many, many awesome things happening in September — my birthday, Guided By Voices, Mission of Burma, and the debuts of both Revolution and Last Resort, for five — is the badass-looking !Yes Indeed! Music Fest being put on by none other than SCR‘s own Jason Smith (along with a couple of cohorts I’m not sure about).

It’ll be up on Main, spanning across “sister” venues Dean’s & Notsuoh, and it’ll run from 4PM ’til 2AM, with a crap-ton of awesome bands playing in-between.

They’ve got Jason’s own (excellent, I might add) band Alkari, naturally, whose full-length from earlier in the year, Blackout Falls, is freaking phenomenal, along with great, Pixies-tinged indie-rockers A Sundae Drive, sneering, sleazy glam-punks The Wrong Ones, cool, Britpop-y popsters The Fox Derby, Nosaprise‘s “rock” project, Screwtape, and awesomely Western-sounding, Cowboy Junkies-ish rockers Jealous Creatures (whose most recent release, Little Heaven Big Sky you also really need to check out). Oh, and they’ve also dragged dark, stripped-down, face-melting garage-pop trio The Gold Sounds — who I’d feared were dead & gone, by the by — kicking and screaming from their Deer Park lair. Sweet!

Beyond the locals, Smith and company also have Bryan band The Ex-Optimists on the bill, which is very cool by me — I reviewed their “Nitemare City”/”February” 7-inch a few months ago and was bowled over by the band’s mid-’90s-ish, heavily drone-y indie-rock squall. I’m not super-familiar with the rest, although I have heard good things about Antiques and Bantam Foxes, in particular, but all together, it’s a ridiculously solid lineup.

And dammit, I love festivals like this, where you can see one band and then walk next door to see another and not burst into flames because you’re outside in the heat. This promises to be seriously, seriously great, y’all. Mark yr calendars.

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