The Ex-Optimists, “Nitemare City”/“February”

The Ex-Optimists, Nitemare City/February

I’m honestly kicking myself now for not listening to this sooner. College Station band The Ex-Optimists have been on repeat in my headphones for a while now, drowning me in a turbulent squall of Sonic Youth guitars, driving ’90s indie-drone-rock melodies, and hazy, softspoken vocals, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

On “Nitemare City,” the guitars are watery and sharp-edged in equal measure, drifting around you like psychically-controlled knives that periodically dart in to gouge out a chunk of your flesh. In the meantime, frontman Kelly Minnis serenely murmurs and croons like he’s already lost in the swirling murk; that is, until the whole damn thing explodes in a ball of fury partway through before coalescing back into its more stable previous state. The closest thing I can come up with is Houston’s own Muhammad Ali, except that this quartet sounds like they’re fueled less by beer and more by green, leafy substances.

Then there’s B-side “February,” which dives sideways into nearly Dinosaur Jr., quick-stepping along through an insanely-catchy melody while the overfuzzed guitars set fire to the scenery. Occasionally feels like I’m listening to a rougher-edged Silversun Pickups — there’s definitely a hazy, shoegaze quality to it, beneath the out-and-out noise.

There’re two extra B-sides if you get the 7″, but sadly, I haven’t heard ’em, so you’re on your own there. Even still, though, it’s more than worth it to fall headfirst into a deep, muddy, warm pool of nostalgia-inducing, awesomely messy indie-rock like you (well, I) used to listen to when you were a kid.

[The Ex-Optimists are playing 7/20/12 at Mango’s, along with The Busy Kids, The Wrong Ones, & Mike the Engineer.]
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5 Responses to “The Ex-Optimists, “Nitemare City”/“February””

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  2. Jason Smith on July 22nd, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    I don’t know if the offer still stands(you should ask!), but a few months ago when I bought the 7″ vinyl from them, they included a download of their last album. So I got about 20 songs for $5. I think they’re even better live than on record, but listening to the record has also made me enjoy them more live… Also, note to Houston bands: if you want to play Bryan/College Station, this is one of the best bands to do shows with.

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