Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Bright Men of Learning + listenlisten + The Business + Holy Fiction + D.R.I. + More

Well, it’s Saturday now, March 10th, and once again, there’s plenty going on — hell, more than yesterday, if anything. Here goes:

Art Institute/Bright Men of Learning/Jealous Creatures/A Sundae Drive/Ornery Little Darlings/Flying Cars @ Vinyl Junkie (4202 Canal; 3-10PM, $5)
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Already mentioned this one, but honestly, it’s my top pick for the day/evening — I’m going to try to make it up there myself, both to see the show and finally check out Vinyl Junkie. Go and bid Bright Men of Learning a fond farewell, and hey, check out relative newcomers Jealous Creatures, A Sundae Drive, and {Art Institute} along the way.

Oh, and since I neglected to mention it last night: there will apparently be St. Arnold’s on hand for the drinkers, as well as pizza courtesy of the Pi Pizza Truck (although no, I don’t think the beer/pizza will be free). Nice…

Walker Lukens/listenlisten/Eli @ Fitzgerald’s
Dunno Walker Lukens, I’m afraid, but I do know listenlisten, and I consider ’em to be one of the best, most unique bands this city’s produced in my time here (which is, incidentally, just over two decades, now). They’re moody and strange and insanely intricate, playing instruments and making sounds that belong to another time that might not’ve ever actually happened. Their music is eerie and dark and spiritual, and it’s freaking awesome. Can’t praise ’em enough, seriously.

The Business/Downtown Struts/Roots of Exile/No Resistance @ Walter’s (1120 Naylor)
Street-punks, here’s where you need to be. The “new” Walter’s will be hosting UK Oi! legends The Business tonight, which means the place will be packed to the gills with big, burly dudes with shaved heads and terrifying tattoos — not really my scene, honestly, but hell, I can appreciate the band’s impact on punk as a whole, even still…

David Ramirez & The Cartel/Holy Fiction/Sara Van Buskirk @ Rudyard’s
Cool, cool. I’m not real familiar with David Ramirez & The Cartel (although I have heard some promising things), sorry, but I know both Holy Fiction and Sara Van Buskirk pretty well and am consistently amazed by ’em both. The former are a quasi-orchestral outfit that plays music somewhere between Peter Gabriel’s more soaring, epic songs and Arcade Fire-style arena-rock-ness, and the latter is just one of the best singer/songwriters in town right now, whether she’s playing solo or with band Finnegan.

Japanther/Filthy Savage/Ken South Rock/Lisa’s Sons @ Mango’s
I hate to admit it, but I’ve never yet managed to catch Japanther live, sadly; I like what I’ve heard of their recorded stuff, but that’s about it. One of these damn days… And hey, the show’s got Lisa’s Sons opening, which makes me think maybe they really are back to stay — if so, that’s a damn good thing, because those guys’ in-your-face, hyper-melodic, Atom and His Package-gone-wild synth-rock is great, great stuff.

D.R.I./H.R.A./Carry The Storm/Fallacy/Decimation Theory/Cronophage @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Yep, that D.R.I., the Houston-bred skate-thrash heroes… I’d been afraid they might cancel the show, honestly, since guitarist Spike Cassidy, who’s been battling colon cancer since 2004, had to go into the hospital at the end of January after having part of his colon removed. No idea if he’ll actually be playing, mind you — the band might have a replacement for him tonight, I dunno, but whatever the case, the show is still listed on the Scout Bar Website and on the band’s list of tour dates, so… And hey, locals Carry The Storm are playing, too, and I’ve heard good things about those guys.

SXSW Overflow Fest, featuring A Stick and A Stone, Midday Veil, Standing Shadows, & The Depaysement @ Super Happy Fun Land
Heartless Bastards/The Fling @ Warehouse Live
HLSR/Go Tejano Committee 21st Annual Mariachi Invitational, featuring a bunch of mariachi performers @ Verizon Wireless Theater
Boyz II Men @ House of Blues
Dr. Dog/Givers @ Fitzgerald’s
Praia Urbana, featuring ATFC, DJ Spen, Andrei Morant, Toddy B, Brad Slack, Alex Clavijo, Bobby Blyss, Esteban Torres, Seismyc, JC Vanegas, Vance Lawrence, & Mano Grillo @ Last Concert Cafe
Heights Vinyl In-Store Performance Series, featuring Walker Lukens @ Heights Vinyl (6PM; free!)
Antique Scream/TeXXXas/From Beyond @ Big Star Bar

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