Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Bright Men of Learning + listenlisten + The Business + Holy Fiction + D.R.I. + More

Well, it’s Saturday now, March 10th, and once again, there’s plenty going on — hell, more than yesterday, if anything. Here goes…

Update: Papermoons + Japanther + Crosby Loggins + Saves The Day + more

New year, new reviews — got ’em up late last week… It’s a good batch, too; we’ve got local indie-folkies Papermoons, with a review of their cool debut(?) 7″ up here. The band’s playing this coming Saturday, January 19th up at Walter’s on Washington, with Buxton, By the End of Tonight, & Ghost Mountain, and […]

Japanther, Skuffed Up My Huffy

Boy, did this CD get into the right hands! From what I’ve heard and read, I’m super impressed with the band Japanther from Brooklyn — they’ve played shows at art studios, put on punk rock operas with big puppets, played on a floating platform at a giant indoor pool, and just put on some crazy shows at more typical club venues…

Japanther, Yer Living Grave

With Yer Living Grave, these workaholic New York punks deliver their fifth release in less than as many years, a pace of recording matched by very few other contemporary artists besides Deerhoof…

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