Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: The Tontons + Wild Moccasins + listenlisten + Wheel Workers + Young Girls + More

I’ve got a crazy, crazy weekend ahead of me — not involving music, but involving multiple family birthdays — so I’ve got to keep this brief for now, but never fear, there’s a huge pile of good stuff going on this weekend, starting tonight, Fri., February 3rd.

Here goes:

The Tontons (tour kickoff)/The Wild Moccasins/A SEA ES @ Fitzgerald’s
Already mentioned this one yesterday, but dangit, it’s still really freaking cool. The Tontons absolutely rule — I haven’t seen them play anything less than a stellar show, I swear, and that includes them playing everywhere from dimly-lit bars with insanely-high stages and lasers to folksy wooden backyard stages. They’re one of those bands I force on random people, “here, listen to this; no, no, trust me — it’s awesome!” (If they’re not people I already know, btw, it gets a little uncomfortable from there.)

Plus, there’s The Wild Moccasins, about whom I’ve heard a lot of unwarranted grief about the praise they’ve gotten in the past, and I have to say that I honestly do not get that. Maybe it’s because I can listen to their shiny, warm, jangly indie-pop sound and heard all those jangly, shiny bands I used to listen to back in college & just after, sure, but I think it’s also because they flat-out know their way around hooks and harmonies. Don’t believe the grumbling, y’all.

The Wheel Workers/Winter Wallace/listenlisten/England in 1819 @ Mango’s
Oh, yes. One of my absolute favorite bands in town, listenlisten, playing alongside two of the most promising — The Wheel Workers & Winter Wallace — and a very cool out-of-towner, England in 1819. This promises to be quite a mixed bag of music, with the dark, indie-folk anachronisms of listenlisten next to the jangly, almost protest-rock of The Wheel Workers and Winter Wallace’s finely-honed folk-pop, but all of ’em are good, so the combination’s bound to be pretty great.

Final Exam/Young Girls/Poor Pilate @ Walter’s (1120 Naylor)
Dunno a thing about Austin’s Final Exam, sorry, but Young Girls rolled through this past spring/summer like a crazy, sunstroked band of surfer-bros with jangly guitars, gorgeous melodies, and bad attitudes, and they knocked me out flat in the process. Then there’s Poor Pilate, whom I caught accidentally a while back at The Mink and was mightily impressed by — think some strange melding of Ben Folds and Iron & Wine, and you’ll be in the ballpark.

The Journey Agents/Achachay!/Electric Attitude/Brandon West @ Rudyard’s
This may be a little further down the list, but it still sounds like a very cool show. Achachay!, in particular, are nicely funky, as are local dudes Electric Attitude (who are always entertaining as hell live), and I’ve heard good, good things about Journey Agents, as well…

Parabelle/Pale/AThousandColours @ House of Blues (Bronze Peacock Room)
White Crime/The Escatones/Dada Moda @ Notsuoh
The Adicts/World Inferno Friendship Society/Dead to the World @ House of Blues
The Beans @ Avant Garden
Hello Chief/Adam Bricks/Picture Book @ The Continental Club
Poetic Mental Aggression/The Illegal Wiretaps/Devil Killing Moth @ Fitzgerald’s
Los Lobos @ Dow Academic Center (Brazosport College campus; Lake Jackson)

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