2011 Houston Music in Photos

I bought a used Nikon D80 in the summer of 2010 and was instantly discouraged by my photos. It took a lot of reading, looking at others’ photos, adjusting my camera, buying new lenses (most of these are taken with a 35mm f/1.8), and messing around to finally get in a photography groove. Soon enough, though, I was feeling some satisfaction from my efforts.

I was able to see more Houston bands than I thought I would in 2011, though I missed a lot of events (if you or your favorite bands aren’t represented here, I apologize!) as my band, Alkari, recorded in Austin on what seemed like most big festival weekends while the action in Houston continued on without me. When we weren’t recording, however, I was making an effort to hone my craft as a rock music photographer.

I was able to get out to most of Houston’s music clubs: Fitzgerald’s, Warehouse Live, Continental Club, The Mink, Groundhall, Echo, Mango’s, Avant Garden, Rudyard’s, Concert Pub, BFE, and several others. At some clubs I found the lighting woefully inadequate, and at others I found my skills to be the inadequate part.

I want to publicly thank the bands and other friends who have complimented my photos and helped encourage me to keep doing it. The photos of Alkari were taken by Phil Peterson and Jordan Bell. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to “2011 Houston Music in Photos”

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  2. Daniel on December 30th, 2011 at 10:18 am

    dude, these are fantastic

  3. Jeremy Hart on December 30th, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    Hell, yeah. They make my own lame-ass concert pics look, well, pretty damn lame. Jason rules…

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