Tonight: Caddywhompus + Sun Hotel + LIMB + Project Grimm

Alright, so I’m still dragging myself out of the lazy-ass, family-stuff, holiday-vacation slump (which is worse than my usual lazy-ass, procrastinate-about-everything slump), but I literally just heard about an awesome, awesome show that’s happening right now (as in the evening of Thurs., December 29th) up at Fitz, and felt compelled to mention it…

Ever-cool smart, sharp-edged prog-pop guys Caddywhompus are playing, which is always a good thing, even if they seem to’ve forsaken H-town more permanently these days, but better still is the fact that they’ve brought fellow New Orleans-dwellers Sun Hotel with ’em; that band’s 2010 release, Coast, was a late-coming blast of holy-shit-that’s-great right into my ears this year, and I’m seriously looking forward to hearing this year’s new one, Gifts. They play subversively low-key Pacific Northwest-ish indie-pop filtered through the murky haze of a Louisiana swamp, and it’s good, seriously.

Oh, and they’re also playing with Wicked Poseur, who are one of those bands I keep meaning to see on the vociferous recommendations of several others but whom I keep missing, somehow, and LIMB, who are hands-down one of the neatest electronic outfits in town these days. Think the organic electronicism of Kieran Hebden’s Four Tet if it were merged with some trademark Houston paranoia/malaise, and you’ll get close.

Now, the show’s already started, I’m afraid, but if you get in the car now, well, you’ve got a good chance of catching at least some of it. Worth the effort, I swear. (And it’s free if you’re of legal drinking age.)

If you’re looking for something more Montrose-y, of course, there’s also tonight at Rudyard’s, where long-zombified psych-rock dudes Project Grimm will swagger back onto the stage once more to give everybody the middle finger and burn the place down. I can’t claim to have been a big fan of the band back in the day, but hey, tastes change, and I’m sorely missing ’em now.

They’re playing with Dead Mineral, better known for the last several years as Novox, a band that sounds pretty interesting so far. Sadly, fellow ’90s alternarock crew Clouded won’t be able to play, but eh, it’s worth it for PG alone. And hey, it’s Rudz, so you can be sure the show there hasn’t started already. Hell, you probably still have time to grab a burger or something.

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