Yr. Weekend (& Beyond!), Pt. 3: Robert Ellis + Come See My Dead Person + Lance Higdon Returns + More

Crap, crap, crap. Late, late, late — sorry, y’all. Tonight (Sunday, June 12th) isn’t a super busy night, at least not compared to what we’ve seen lately, but hell, there’re a few things well, well worth talking about, at least…

First in my mind is the amazing Robert Ellis who’s playing tonight (er, probably right now) over at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, which is cool to see both because he’s been kind of pigeonholed as a Montrose-area guy and because, well, he’s just plain good and deserves to be heard. Happily, it seems like he’s on his way upwards in the music world, and there’s a damn good reason for it. If you can make it over to the Duck, do it now.

Over at Super Happy Fun Land, there’s another good one, with very odd folk-y strange-people Come See My Dead Person playing with a bunch of folks I don’t know one bit. Then there’s Numbers, which has a slew of screamo (I think?) bands playing, including The Nephilim Terror, who I like quite a bit, and both All The Way To The Bank and Carry Your Ghost, both of whom I’ve been meaning to hear…

And hey, as an extra-special bonus, I’m going to look a mere 24 hours into the future, to Monday, June 13th… Thank-you to Ramon over at Free Press Houston for the news that H-town expat Lance Higdon will be back in town tomorrow night for the week’s installment of They, Who Sound over at the Avant Garden — sweet! Lance will be playing with excellent improv player Sandy Ewen, as well as George Heathco & Damon Smith, and they’ll be playing with the duo of David Dove and Alauna Rubin.

If you’re into experimental/improvised music — or just good music in general — this’ll definitely be the place to be tomorrow evening.

Anyway, here’s the list, such as it is:

Robert Ellis @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Come See My Dead Person/Urizen/Triskadekaphilia/Peter Piek @ Super Happy Fun Land
All The Way To The Bank/The Nephilim Terror/Carry Your Ghost/Artifacts/Hematidrosis/Rise From Your Grave/1972/When Men Became Gods @ Numbers

(Plus super-future date:)

Mon., June 13 — They, Who Sound, featuring David Dove and Alauna Rubin & Sandy Ewen, George Heathco, Lance Higdon, & Damon Smith @ Avant Garden

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