Awesome News: Tom Carter Is Back On Stage and Here in Houston, Next Monday

Heard about this earlier today, and I couldn’t be more psyched; seriously, this is up there with the FPSF announcement in terms of good news, at least for me. What’s the big deal? Well, Tom Carter, expat Houstonian, experimental-guitar maestro…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Red Fang + Ghost Town Electric + Hits from the Hill + The Droids + More

I’ve been letting Sunday slip by these past few weekends, I’ll admit it, but I honestly can’t this week, because there’s some stuff going on tonight (December 4th) that’s just as cool as what’s been on the past couple of days…

Yr. Weekend (& Beyond!), Pt. 3: Robert Ellis + Come See My Dead Person + Lance Higdon Returns + More

Crap, crap, crap. Late, late, late — sorry, y’all. Tonight (Sunday, June 12th) isn’t a super busy night, at least not compared to what we’ve seen lately, but hell, there’re a few things well, well worth talking about, at least…

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