Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Paul Collins’ Beat + Something Fierce + Pepper Rabbit + Sara Van Buskirk + Wild Moccasins + Cancellations + More

Wow. I’m still trying to stagger back to my feet after Summerfest last weekend, but damn, apparently the world’s moving on without me, if this weekend’s any proof. It is looking like a fine, fine weekend, y’all, starting tonight, Friday, June 10th.

Before I get into it, though, some bad (and bad-ish) news, gleaned from various places while updating the shows list this week… First off, it looks like the Aretha Franklin show previously scheduled for this next Tuesday (June 14th) over at the Arena Theater is no longer happening; according to the venue’s Facebook page, they had to cancel the show at least temporarily while they “work[ed] out the details for her rider requests.” Damn.

Beyond that, it appears the Quintron and Miss Pussycat/Big Freedia show that was supposed to be on July 23rd at Super Happy Fun Land is no longer scheduled, either. No word as to why, I’m afraid, and heck, maybe it’ll pop back up on the list somewhere between now & then.

Oh, and the Buckcherry show set for July 2nd out at Nutty Jerry’s in Winnie has been postponed to November 4th. I know you’re all crying inside over that one…

Anyway, there’s plenty going on tonight, that’s for damn sure. At the top of my personal list is the show over at The Big Top (moved there from Rudyard’s, which had apparently been double-booked), which features headliner Paul Collins — and yes, if you’re reading this and not saying “holy shit!,” then you need a headslap or something, because the guy’s flat-out amazing.

Paul Collins’ Beat (not to be confused with ska icons The Beat/The English Beat) were pretty much pioneers of the whole power-pop sound over on this side of the Atlantic. Weirdly enough, Peter Case, Collins’ former bandmate in The Nerves, will actually be here in a few weeks, too, although I dunno how much of the “loud” stuff he does these days, seeing as he’s playing the Mucky Duck

Plus, the openers tonight are Denton’s Bad Sports, who I don’t know (sorry!) and — hell, yes — Houston’s own Something Fierce, who I’m guessing are big, big Beat fans. I got to see ’em last Saturday for the first time a long time, sadly, and they were freaking incredible; one of H-town’s best bands, hands down.

Then let’s shift on over to Mango’s, which tonight not only has excellent psych-soul rockers The Tontons (if you’ve never seen ’em, you really, truly need to; trust me on this) and up-and-comers Second Lovers, about whom I’ve heard good things, but also New Orleans/LA band Pepper Rabbit, whose debut full-length Beauregard pretty much knocked me down this week.

It’s woozy, swooning, yet folky and woodsy psych-pop — check out the full review on over here. Oh, and they’ve got a new album coming out in August, Red Velvet Snow Ball, so keep an eye out for it…

Heading uphill somewhat, on up to Heights Live!, there’s an excellent, excellent singer/songwriter-type show going on that includes not only {Sideshow Tramps}Craig Kinsey, but also the mind-blowing multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Wesley and probably my favorite singer/songwriter at the moment, Sara Van Buskirk, whose delicate, melancholy-sweet songs kill me every time I listen to ’em.

While you’re up in the Heights ‘hood, stop by Fitzgerald’s to check out The Thermals, who I’m told are good, along with The Wild Moccasins, who I know are (and who I’d expect could wipe the stage with them damn Portlanders, although, okay, okay, “Not Like Any Other Feeling” is damn cool).

And hey, you can check out some neat videos the Moccasins filmed on their recent European tour, courtesy of They Shoot Music Don’t They — it’s cool to watch/hear the band play stripped-down versions of their lush, gentle-hearted pop tunes out in front of the scenic vistas of Vienna:

If you’re out early, make a stop at Late Nite Pie, too — at 7PM they’re having a “Late Nite Luau,” which includes the ever-bizarre Poopy Lungstuffing and neato island-music guys The Grass Skirts. Or if you happen to be out late-late, there’s always the aforementioned Rudyard’s, where things never kick off early; tonight they’ve got the LP release show for The Bexar County Bastards, who’re playing with local badasses Hell City Kings and Southbound Saints.

What else, what else…? Well, there’re a bunch of bands playing acoustically over at Avant Garden, as part of a show they’re called “Unplugged and Naked”; bands playing include Spain Colored Orange and Jealous Creatures, both of whom are pretty great. And Bohemeos has a neat-sounding show, with {Art Institute}, whom I like quite a bit, The Dead Leslies, and Saxton Fox, who I’ve been meaning to check out.

Obviously, I can’t forget tonight’s “big” show, over at Toyota Center, where Mötley Crüe is playing with Poison and (best of all, to me) The New York Dolls. Now, I know this’ll sound like blasphemy, but I’ve never, ever been a big Crue fan; Vince Neil‘s voice was always just too grating for me, even when I was a total glam-metal head. But hey, I have to hand it to ’em for keeping it going as long as they have — I never figured the bulk of the band would’ve survived ’til I was nearly 40, to be honest.

Last but not least, there’s a cool-sounding show at an unlikely venue… Over at electronic/dance music venue Stereo Live, cool, cool band of Austin-dwellers Ringo Deathstarr will be playing, along with All in the Golden Afternoon. I saw Ringo Deathstarr a few years back at Numbers, and while I was initially pretty skeptical, they ended up winning me over, big-time.

Anyway, here’s the big-ass full list:

Paul Collins’ Beat/Bad Sports/Something Fierce/DJ Black Slacks/Psychedelic Sex Panther @ The Big Top
The Thermals/The Wild Moccasins @ Fitzgerald’s
The Tontons/Pepper Rabbit/Second Lovers @ Mango’s
Heartless Bastards/The Bright Light Social Hour/The Wheeler Bros. @ Warehouse Live
The Dead Leslies/Art Institute/Saxton Fox @ Bohemeos
Late Nite Luau, featuring Poopy Lungstuffing & The Grass Skirts @ Late Nite Pie (302 Tuam; 7PM)
The Bexar County Bastards (LP release)/Hell City Kings/Southbound Saints @ Rudyard’s
Craig Kinsey/Benjamin Wesley/Sara Van Buskirk @ Heights Live!
The Dread Lair Showcase, featuring Humut Tabal, Spectral Manifest, Mhinotahn, Bound In Flesh, Vacillation, & Pariah Messiah @ Walter’s
Skyrocket!/Picture Book @ The Continental Club
Unplugged and Naked, featuring Spain Colored Orange, Jealous Creatures, Sundae Drive, Day Sailor, Handsome Ranson, Adam & Lena, & Marcus Ackerman @ Avant Garden
Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine @ House of Blues
Ringo Deathstarr/All in the Golden Afternoon @ Stereo Live
Mötley Crüe/Poison/The New York Dolls @ Toyota Center
The Journey Agents/The Jeff Boortz Band/Days Drive/Only Beast @ Fitzgerald’s
Ghosts Along the Brazos/MilkDrive @ Last Concert Cafe
The Escatones @ Texas Hippie Connection (Seabrook)

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