Yr. (Late) Weekend, Pt. 3?: Benefit For Japan + Spring Howl + Binarium + Kevin Seconds + Rudz MS150 Benefit + More

Sorry, sorry, sorry, y’all — spent Friday night & Saturday celebrating being married for a decade and attempting some half-assed home improvements (which ended up being a letdown, really; after putting Atom & His Package’s “I’m Downright Amazed (At What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer),” I realized that sledge-hammering the kitchen bar was just going to make a massive mess & not really help at all), and then that bled into today (i.e., Sunday, March 27th).

But hey, if you’re not yet out and about, there’s plenty to do. There’s the A Benefit For Japan show put on by The Caroline Sessions folks over at (duh) the Caroline Collective, which we’ve already talked about here and here — it’s been running a few hours now, but there’s still time to catch some cool music and help people out half a world away.

Along similar lines, there’s The Blues Hound’s 2011 Spring Howl, which has been running today with a bunch of excellent blues bands & musicians over at Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar and will be running a little while longer, at least, and the Rudyard’s MS150 Benefit Show at (um, yes) Rudz. Born Again Virgins & {A dream Asleep}, in particular, are well worth catching at that last one…

In terms of stuff that’s just starting or has yet to start, there’s an awesome-sounding Binarium Sound Series show over at The Mekong Underground (aka “Some Random Space in the Mekong shopping plaza next to Khon’s Bar). Not only does it feature noise legend — and I mean “legend” here and elsewhere; the guy’s a big name in noise circles — Richard Ramirez and the very cool (and very strange) {Chairs}, but also new-ish project Midmir (which is BSS headman Jonathan, also of Trills, & Frank Dambra) and — Basses Loaded, an all-double bass trio that I think is separate from the “other” all-bass supergroup called Basses Loaded (with Benjamin Wesley) but that still sounds cool.

And last in this list but definitely not least, there’s the old-school punk singer/songwriter deal going on tonight at Walter’s, with Exene Cervenka and the amazing, amazing Kevin Seconds headlining and Hank Schyma of the Southern Backtones and Tim Blackout of The American Heist opening. Expect lots of rough-edged, raw, folky/punky songs, all of them good.

Anyway, here’s the full list:

A Benefit For Japan: The Caroline Sessions, featuring Benjamin Wesley, August 83, Corey Power, Donnie Sands, Ernie Trevino Band, Featherface, File Under Jeff, La Sien, Melissa Savcic, Tiziano Hernandez, Myrna Sanders, Dena Blue, Sara Van Buskirk, Chiptune Crooner, Chase Hamblin, Westbound, & Reckless Endeavor @ Caroline Collective (12-9PM)
Exene Cervenka/Kevin Seconds/Hank Schyma/Tim Blackout @ Walter’s
S.P.E.A.K. IV, featuring Twenty Eleven, A.D.D. with Banger, Parking & Coraverde, Nosaprise, Airborne, & Fat Tony @ Mango’s
Binarium Sound Series, featuring Chairs, Richard Ramirez, Basses Loaded, & Midmir @ The Mekong Underground (7-10PM)
The Blues Hound’s 2011 Spring Howl, featuring H-Town Jukes, Eric Demmer & The Sax Dawgs, Tony Vega Band, The Taildraggers, & Michael Holt & The Trophy 500’s @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar (2-8PM)
Rudyard’s MS150 Benefit Show, featuring Thunderkunt, Born Again Virgins, Outer Heaven, Another Run, & A dream Asleep @ Rudyard’s (4-9PM)
Tomball German Heritage Festival, featuring Das Ist Lustig, Alpenfest, Chris Rybak, Claude Sims, Terry Cavanagh, Round Top Brass Band, Dana Kelly, Third Rail, Scott Armstrong, Armstrong Family Bluegrass Band, JungeMeisters, Sheila Lee, Accordion To Joyce, & more @ Downtown Tomball

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