Okay, so I’m honestly not sure what this release is, really. I know SF-by-way-of-Canada electro-pop visionaries GOBBLE GOBBLE have two separate 7″s out right now, Wrinklecarver and Lawn Knives, and this pile of songs includes the title tracks of each, but I can find hide nor hair of the actual release itself online except as a rumor.

Which is a little weird, sure, but after listening to the four songs on here, it almost-almost-almost makes a freaky kind of sense. I get the feeling GOBBLE GOBBLE are less of a “band” than a cracked-mind performance project that exists to throw the art the duo makes out there into the world to fall where it may, and hey, I think that’s pretty awesome. Of course, it helps that Secret handful of tracks comprise an ear-party of skittering, wide-grinning, glitch-fucked electro-pop that’s as beautiful and sweet as it is bumping and grinding and dancefloor-ready.

“Boring Horror”‘s my current fave, a blast of stuttering, ecstatically cheery (yet somehow weird and icky, as the title might suggest) adoration that bounces like a toddler on half a dozen birthday cupcakes. There’s also “Lawn Knives,” however, which comes off like the bastard child of M83 and Daft Punk, simultaneously soaring, lush, primary-colored gorgeousness and thumping, insanely addictive beats. The latter makes me think of Houston’s electro-pop heroes Lisa’s Sons and Ghost Mountain in a very, very good way.

Then there’s “Wrinklecarver,” beautiful and gleaming with a lysergic sheen yet head-snapping and ready to bust some moves, and the surprise finisher, a cover of The Pixies’ classic “Where is My Mind” that unfolds like a spastic teenager given a box of distortion pedals and set loose on the song; it crunches and shudders like even the original never could, and yet I suspect that Black Francis smiles wide every time it’s played. Keep an eye out for GOBBLE GOBBLE’s forthcoming full-length, seriously.

(Feature photo by Steve Louie.)

[GOBBLE GOBBLE is playing 3/10/11 at ECHO, along with Baths.]
(self-released; GOBBLE GOBBLE -- http://gobblegbl.com/)

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