Something Fierce Gets Sampler-ed in Paste

Nice. Got word this AM from Steven Garcia of always-awesome local pop-punks Something Fierce that a cool-ass digital sampler by the band’s label, Dirtnap Records, is now up on the Paste Magazine site, over in their “Watch & Listen” section.

It’s a darn good sampler throughout, definitely, especially if you’re into grimy, right-up-in-your-ears garage-y punk, but to me the SF track, “Afghani Sands” (one of my faves off their forthcoming Don’t Be So Cruel album, btw), knocks most of the other bands on the sampler flat on their leather-clad asses. (Although Ottawa’s The Steve Adamyk Band are pretty awesome, too…)

Kudos to those Something Fierce kids, seriously; I’m firmly convinced that if people’ll give ’em a listen, they’ll fall head-over-heels for the damn band. Check out the track on the Paste site, and if you’re up in Austin for SXSW, catch the band at the Dirtnap SXSW Showcase on March 19th at Habana Calle (709 E. 6th); looks like they’re playing first.

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