Owen Plays in Somebody’s Living Room — Get Tickets Now

Okay, so d’you remember when I mentioned a little while back how David Bazan would be playing Brandon‘s house here in H-town in mid-April, but that the dang tickets were already sold out? It kinda sucked to hear that after the fact, I know.

So this time I’m attempting to get the word out a wee bit more quickly — according to his Twitter feed, on March 30th, Owen, aka Mike Kinsella, ex-Cap’n Jazz, ex-American Football, & also currently of Joan of Arc, will be playing a “living room show” at some unnamed person’s house ’round these parts.

As with the David Bazan show, this is kind of an intimate, small-group thing; this is going to be in somebody’s living room, after all, so there are a limited, limited, limited number of tickets, and they may go quickly. I know the Bazan show sold out in less than a day.

At $20, the tickets aren’t cheap, by any means, but it’s pretty damn cool to be able to sit at the feet of somebody whose music you love. Beats any kind of “connection” you’d get with ’em up on a big-ass stage, believe me.

Click on over here to get your tickets, should you be a fan of Kinsella’s stuff; it sounds like a neat deal.

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