David Bazan Will Be At, Um, Brandon’s House? (And Sorry, But You Won’t)

In the rundown of cool-ass stuff out there on the horizon, I kinda-sorta omitted a somewhat biggie of the bunch, mostly because I figured I’d need to talk about it in a bit more detail…

It seems David Bazan, the man formerly behind Pedro The Lion & Headphones and who nowadays just goes by his given name, is touring the country doing strictly house shows.

Which is pretty damn cool, if you ask me; I’ve seen some up-close-and-personal shows (mostly with Jonah Matranga), and it can be truly incredible to be face-to-face with one of your heroes as they play, well, pretty much for you. It doesn’t get much more intimate than watching somebody you love play their songs to you and a couple dozen fellow devotees in somebody’s living room.

And hey, Bazan’s coming through Houston on his tour, stopping off here April 15th and playing at — no lie — Brandon’s house. Very cool.

Now, brace yourself, ’cause here comes the bad part: the damn show sold out less than 3 hours after Brandon posted about it. Wow. That means you’re out of luck, sadly, if you don’t already have a spot — there’re no walk-ins, and you can’t even get the address of the place unless you’ve got a ticket.

Even still, though, I’m really liking this idea. If I could beg/wheedle John Samson of The Weakerthans to catch a Greyhound south from Winnipeg and play a show at my house, I’d do it in a fucking heartbeat. Keep your eyes open for more shows like this…

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