Tonight: Unwed Sailor, Co-Pilot, Warbler Pl, & Giant Cloud, at The Mink

Late, late, late notice, I know, but there’s still time to get on over to The Mink for tonight’s (Monday, February 21st‘s, that is) show — it’s going to be a good one.

I’ve heard bits & pieces from headliners Unwed Sailor over the years, since they sent us a copy of their album The Faithful Anchor, waaaay back in 2001. In the meantime, the band (basically the brainchild of Johnathon Ford) has released something like five full-lengths, all kinda-sorta along the same instro-rock lines. I’ve only heard a little of the latest, Little Wars, but it’s not bad in a meditative, low-key instrumental way.

Beyond that, though, I’m pretty damn psyched about the openers. First and definitely foremost is Co-Pilot, who fooled me for a long time into thinking of them only as a spacerock band before dropping their latest bomb of an EP, The Course of Empire (see here for the review), on me and surging upwards into the heady realm of thundering, orchestral, mind-blowing instrumental stoner-metal. Think Explosions in the Sky as covered by ISIS (sans the vocals, which I never cared for with ISIS anyway), and you’ll get close. These guys are seriously awesome.

Then there’s Warbler Pl, who’s a little more low to the ground but is still pretty intriguing; the one-man(?)-band makes stark, quavering bedroom-folk that sounds like it’s made in a bedroom located somewhere in the spirit world and is somehow piercing the veil to echo here in our own reality. It’s drifting and hazey and watery-sounding, but still anchored by the jangly folk guitars.

For their part, I don’t know much about Giant Cloud, beyond the fact that they currently hail from New Orleans and are pals (I believe, anyway) with the Caddywhompus guys — that’s a recommendation, right there. From what I’ve heard so far, they make woozy, half-lidded psych-folk, a little like a more Southern, drug-fueled Beach House; if that’s your thing, hey, here you go.

All in all, this’ll be a good one. The show starts after 9PM, so get on out there now, eh?

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