Summerfest Lineup to Be Revealed, on Valentine’s Day

While it might not win you points with any but the most hipster-ish of dates this coming Valentine’s Day, the Free Press Houston folks have a little party set up, just for you. Well, you and pretty much anybody else who’s psyched to learn who the hell could possibly top last year‘s Free Press Summerfest lineup, anyway.

The FPHers announced today that they’re throwing a special shindig on February 14th (at Fitzgerald’s, naturally) to unveil the official lineup of this year’s ‘fest, in all its just-about-inevitable glory — I mean, they’ve got a pretty good track record so far.

So, if you want to be among the first to know who all’s playing Eleanor Tinsley Park this coming June, get over to Fitz for the party. The flyer’s got the details…especially cool is the fact that Vincent Priceless is providing the music; his contributions to The Manichean‘s recent Lacerus Rising remix EP were pretty damn great…

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