Giveaway Time: The Tontons Head West, Tomorrow Night, and You Could Be There to See It

There’s a small, select handful of bands in this city that honestly can do no freaking wrong in my eyes; literally everything they do somehow turns out to be awesome, in spite of all of the pitfalls of making music in this town. And {The Tontons} are up close to the top of that pile…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: South By Due East + Ryan Scroggins + Hell City Kings + The Lion of Wall Street + More

Kind of a slow-ish Friday tonight (March 11th, to be exact), which has me a little nervous that I’ve missed some big-ass show or another somewhere out there, but unfortunately, I just haven’t had time to look this week. sigh

Summerfest Lineup to Be Revealed, on Valentine’s Day

While it might not win you points with any but the most hipster-ish of dates this coming Valentine’s Day, the {Free Press Houston} folks have a little party set up, just for you. Well, you and pretty much anybody else who’s psyched to learn who…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Omotai + Ghost Town Electric + Searching for Signal + Featherface + The Manichean + More

Later than I’d hoped to do this, but we’ve got company in town, so my evenings have largely been shot playing cards & just hanging out ’til the wee hours; I figure it’d be crappy to pull out the laptop & frantically blog away while chatting, y’know?…

Tonight: The Manichean’s Lacerus Rising, at the Avant Garden (& Reviewed/MP3!)

In case you haven’t already heard, Houston’s own quirky, arty, ultra-dramatic (and I mean that in a good way, don’t worry) indie-rockers {The Manichean} are having an EP release party tonight, Thurs., December 23rd

The Manichean, Lacerus Rising

The Manichean’s name might be at the top of the marquee, so to speak, but on their new EP, Lacerus Rising, the band’s most definitely not the star of this particular show. Instead, this time out they’ve handed the reins over to a gang of remix-happy friends…

H-Town Mixtape

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