Saving KTRU: Right Down to the Wire

The fight to save Rice University‘s student-run/-built radio station KTRU has entered the final stretch over at the FCC — while both parties have agreed to the sale, the Commission still has to approve the sale, and the 30-day comment period ends, um, well, yesterday, technically.

Okay, so I’m behind on this one, I know, but there is still time, apparently; according to the folks at the Save KTRU site, you can still submit your comments until 5PM today and get ’em in under the wire.

And folks, this is really, truly, seriously important. The FCC decision may not necessarily be the end of this fight, but if they rule in favor of the University of Houston buying KTRU from Rice, that’s going to make any further actions to stop the sale a hell of a lot harder.

So, if you haven’t already, and you live within KTRU’s broadcast area (sorry, the out-of-area deadline’s already passed), send an email to the FCC telling the Commissioners why you think this sale is a horrible, terrible, bad-bad-bad idea. The kindly Save KTRU crew has even put a sample letter to the FCC up on their site, complete with pretty much any talking point I can think of, at any rate.

They’ve got some more letter-writing info up here, too, as well as more general how-to-help info.

Keep hope alive, y’all.

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